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TCM2010H HDMI-Compatible Thin-Film Common Mode Filter Array Launched

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TCM2010H HDMI-Compatible Thin-Film Common Mode Filter Array Launched

One-Chip Array Incorporates Two Filter Elements

TCM2010H HDMI-Compatible Thin-Film Common Mode Filter Array
TCM2010H HDMI-Compatible Thin-Film Common Mode Filter Array

June 25, 2007

TDK Corporation announced today that it has developed and launched the TCM2010H EMI filter array, a noise filter for high-speed data transmission lines including HDMI version 1.3 high-speed signal lines. The TCM2010H is the industry's first array product to incorporate two filter elements into a single chip.

The TCM2010H incorporates two common mode filter elements in a package just 2.0 mm (L) × 1.0 mm (W) × 0.8 mm (T) in size. The mounting area has been reduced by more than 20% compared to earlier single-element products with dimensions 1.25 mm (L) × 1.0 mm (W) × 0.6 mm (T), and consequently, this noise countermeasure component for high-speed digital interfaces also contributes to reduced mounting costs.

In conjunction with the shift to high-definition video, HDMI terminals have become essential for transmitting signals between devices such as flat-panel displays, video recorders, and game consoles. HDMI terminals handle higher signal speeds than USB terminals, and as a result noise countermeasure components must minimize noise without any degradation of signal quality in higher frequency ranges. By combining the thin-film pattern formation technologies that it has developed for HDD magnetic heads and original coil pattern design technologies, TDK developed this compact, high-speed component with a high cutoff frequency (the differential mode cutoff) of 6.0 GHz.

HDMI circuits have four differential transmission signal lines including a clock signal line and require four noise countermeasure elements. The TCM2010H has two elements, and therefore only two components are needed for one HDMI terminal, halving the number of required components. The array design reduces crosstalk to a level that no design countermeasures are required.

  1. EMI : Electromagnetic interference. Interference with other devices caused by electromagnetic noise radiated by electric and electronic circuits.
  2. HDMI : High-definition multimedia interface. A digital video and sound input/output interface standard used mainly for consumer electronics and audio-visual devices. A single cable is used to carry video, voice, and control signals.
  3. High-speed differential transmission : A method of transmitting data using a single set of signal wires. The two signal wires that make up one set carry signals in opposite phase.
  4. Crosstalk : Unwanted leakage of signals among multiple signal lines.
Noise countermeasures for high-speed differential transmission terminals such as HDMI and S-ATA
Main Features
Size : 2.0 mm × 1.0 mm × 0.8 mm
Cutoff frequency : 6.0 GHz
Rdc : 1.0 Ω max.
Idc : 100 mA
Vdc : 10 V
Production and Sales Plan
  • Sample price : 30 yen/unit
  • Start of production : August 2007
  • Production location : Japan
  • Production capacity : 5 million units/month

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