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Industry's First* Low Varistor Voltage 6.8 V Multilayer Chip Varistor Launched

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Industry's First* Low Varistor Voltage 6.8 V Multilayer Chip Varistor Launched

0603-Sized Varistor is Industry's Smallest* Ideal for Mobile Electronic Device Static Electric Countermeasures

Low Varistor Voltage 6.8V Multilayer Chip Varistor AVRM0603C6R8NT101N
Low Varistor Voltage 6.8V Multilayer Chip Varistor AVRM0603C6R8NT101N

June 20, 2007

TDK Corporation announced today that it has developed the AVRM0603C6R8NT101N (0.6 mm × 0.3 mm × 0.3 mm) multilayer chip varistor with low varistor voltage of 6.8 V. Mass production will begin in June. The AVRM0603C6R8NT101N boasts the industry's lowest varistor voltage for a multilayer chip varistor and is also the industry's smallest varistor of its type.

Mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones and portable music players are being made ever smaller even as they incorporate more advanced functions, and consequently, the miniaturization and high-density integration of components is progressing rapidly. In addition, the shift to lower voltages for operating ICs is also accelerating to reduce power consumption and maintain and extend operating times. In conjunction with these developments, the risks of malfunctions from static electricity at lower voltages than previously are increasing, and consequently, protective components with both low varistor voltage and compact size are needed as countermeasures.

In response to this demand, TDK improved multilayer chip varistor materials and internal structures to reduce varistor voltage to 6.8 V. As a result, the static electric limiting voltage has been reduced from the 8 V varistor voltage of earlier products to 6.8 V, a reduction of 15%. Because the varistors are compact and have no polarity, they contribute to reductions in both mounting area and mounting costs, making them ideal static electric countermeasures in compact mobile devices.

* As of June 2007, according to TDK investigations.

Main Features
  • Varistor voltage at V1mA : 6.8 V
  • Capacitance at 1 kHz : 100 pF
  • Dimensions : 0.6 mm × 0.3 mm × 0.3 mm
Mobile electronic devices (portable music players, mobile phones, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, etc.)
Production and Sales Plan
  • Sample price : 10 yen
  • Production locations : Japan
  • Production capacity : 50 million units/month
  • Start of production : June 2007

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