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Industry's Smallest* Noise Countermeasure Components
for Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcast-Compatible Cell Phones
Goes into Mass Production

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Industry's Smallest* Noise Countermeasure Components
for Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcast-Compatible Cell Phones
Goes into Mass Production

MEA1608PE Series of Multilayer Chip EMI** Filter Arrays

MEA1608PE series of multilayer chip EMI filter arrays
MEA1608PE series of multilayer chip EMI filter arrays

September 26, 2006

TDK Corporation announces the development and start of production in October of the MEA1608PE series of multilayer chip EMI filter arrays. These products are the industry's smallest and lightest* noise countermeasure components intended for mobile terminals that are compatible with terrestrial digital television broadcasts.

Terrestrial digital television broadcasts for mobile terminals ("one segment" broadcasts) began in Japan in April 2006. In addition, DVB-H format broadcasts are spreading in Europe. In conjunction with this, development and use of television tuners designed specifically for cell phones and notebook PCs is progressing rapidly. These tuners, particularly when used in cell phones, must handle not only the frequency band used for communications (800 MHz - 2 GHz), but also that for broadcasts (470 MHz - 770 MHz), and consequently, noise countermeasures have become more important in device design and miniaturization.

TDK began mass production and shipments of the 2010-size (2.0 mm × 1.0 mm × 0.7 mm) MEA2010PE series of "one segment" compatible noise filter arrays in December 2005, but there were demands from the market for even more compact components. In response, TDK developed even-smaller 1.6 mm × 0.8 mm × 0.5 mm products with the same characteristics as the 2010 components.

The filters attenuate noise in the 470 MHz to 770 MHz range used for terrestrial digital broadcasts while placing particular emphasis on preventing deterioration of circuit waveform quality. These products use optimal materials and pattern designs to achieve ideal noise countermeasures for terrestrial digital broadcasts. The product lineup includes four filter arrays that can be used for devices with terrestrial digital television broadcast tuners as well as a wide range of other noise countermeasure applications in the 470 MHz to 2 GHz range.

*: As of September 26, 2006 according to TDK investigations.

Explanation of Terminology
**EMI : Electromagnetic Interference. EMI countermeasures refer to measures taken to prevent electronic devices themselves from generating harmful electromagnetic noise. There are also electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) countermeasures to prevent detrimental effects to electronic devices when they are exposed to noise. Together, EMI and EMS countermeasures are referred to as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measures.
Main Features
  1. Effective noise countermeasures of the wide band from 470 MHz to 2 GHz (suitable for noise countermeasures in the bands used for terrestrial digital television broadcasts and cell phones).
  2. More than 30 dB attenuation in the bandwidth from 470 MHz to 2 GHz (by the MEA1608PE360T0S1).
  3. Array includes four π-shaped filters in a thin, compact package (1.6 mm × 0.8 mm × 0.5 mm) suitable for use in cell phones.
  4. Four product lineup with different capacitances for optimal effects depending on the circuit (15 pF, 22 pF, 27 pF, and 36 pF).
  5. Lead-free, compatible with lead-free solder, conforming to RoHS Directive.
Production and Sales Plan
  • Sample prices : 30 yen per unit for all products
  • Production base : TDK Ugo Corporation
  • Production capacity : 20 million units/month
  • Start of production : October 2006

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