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Private Business' Largest-Scale Solar Power System Installed at TDK's Changan Factory in China

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Private Business' Largest-Scale Solar Power System Installed at TDK's Changan Factory in China

Solar power system installed at TDK
Solar power system installed at TDK's Changan factory in China.

June 2, 2006

TDK Corporation announced today that its HDD head manufacturing subsidiaries' factory located in the Conrad Hi-Tech Park of Changan Town, Dongguan City in Guangdong Province, China, completed a solar power generation system and began operations on June 2. The system, installed as a part of TDK's environmental preservation activities, will also contribute to local development.

The solar power generation system will generate 165 kW (rated capacity) each hour and approximately 164,000 kWh annually, making it the largest*1 such solar power system installed by a private company in the Dongguan City-Guangzhou City region, and putting it into the top ranks in all of China in terms of size. In addition, the system has been connected factory*2 to the Changan Town Dongguan City Electric Power Company (the electric power company for the Changan region), something rarely done in China.

China is a key region for the manufacture of many of TDK's electronic products including its core HDD heads. TDK is committed to implementing management that seeks harmony with the global environment and local communities and has long been taking active measures to reduce environmental impact. The installation of the solar power generation system at the Changan factory is intended to achieve these goals.

TDK's corporate motto is "Contribute to culture and industry through creativity." In line with this principle, TDK adopted the TDK Environmental Action 2015 plan to actively carry out its corporate social responsibilities with respect to environmental issues and is implementing a variety of measures. In March 2006, the Kofu Plant installed the largest solar power generation system in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. The system installed at the Changan factory will reduce consumption of oil by approximately 40,000 liters annually and will cut CO2 emissions by about 30 tons each year, contributing to the prevention of global warming. TDK is implementing Zero Emissions Activities to become a recycling-based business by limiting the production of waste and reusing parts and materials. Following the realization of zero emissions in Japan, these activities are scheduled for completion in China by the end of 2006 and at all production sites globally by the end of March 2007.

TDK will continue its environmental preservation activities with an eye towards the future under the slogan "Love the Future" and will strive to make contributions to society.

Summary of the Solar Power Generation Syste
Installation site : Roof of the production building of the Changan factory, Conrad Hi-Tech Park, Changan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Facility summary : Solar power generation system rated capacity: 165 kW
Solar panel area: 40.0 m by 54.0 m
Annual energy production : Approximately 164,000 kWh
Global warming prevention effects : Reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 30 tons annually.
*1 As of June 2, 2006, according to TDK investigations.
*2 Connection with the power system refers to the receipt of electricity by connecting private electric power generation facilities with the commercial power grid of electric power operators such as power companies. The power generated by this system, however, will be used entirely within the plant, and there will not be a reverse flow of electricity (supply from the solar power generation system to the electric power company).

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