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TDK Launches Industry's Smallest* Multilayer Ceramic Chip Coil

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TDK Launches Industry's Smallest* Multilayer Ceramic Chip Coil

0402-Sized Coils Feature Maximum Inductance of 12 nH and 70% Less Volume than Earlier Products

0402-size chip coil MLG0402 series
0402-size chip coil MLG0402 series

May 18, 2006

TDK Corporation recently developed the MLG0402 series of chip coils whose 0402 size makes them the industry's smallest* multilayer ceramic chip coil. Production will begin in July.

In conjunction with the rapid miniaturization of mobile communications devices such as cell phones as well as the incorporation of multiple functions, there have been strong calls for chip coils to be made more compact as well. In response to these calls, TDK employed its material and multilayering technologies, areas in which it excels, to develop the industry's first* 0402-sized multilayer ceramic high-frequency chip coils.

The new coils represent a major breakthrough in miniaturization with approximately 70% less volume and 55% less mounting area than the 0603-sized coils currently in widespread use. The new coils will make possible further reductions in the component mounting areas of numerous devices including cell phones, PHS handsets, high-frequency modules, Bluetooth devices, W-LANs, and digital television tuners, and will make significant contributions to miniaturization and the addition of new functions to the high-frequency circuit components of various devices in the mobile communications field.

One of the most important characteristics of components used in high-frequency applications is the inductance value; the MLG0402 series includes a total of 14 products with inductances up to a maximum of 12 nH, allowing set manufacturers to select the ideal coil according to the specific application.

In addition, the new coils do not include any lead or lead compounds and are suitable for use with lead-free solder, making them RoHS-compliant, completely lead-free products.

  • * As of May 18, 2006, according to TDK investigations.

Main Features
  1. Size: 0.4 mm × 0.2 mm × 0.2 mm (all dimensions ± 0.02 mm)
  2. Substantially smaller than 0603-sized coils, with approximately 70% less volume and 55% less mounting area.
  3. The lineup consists of a total of 14 products with inductances ranging from 1.0 nH to 12 nH.
  4. RoHS-compliant lead-free products that can be mounted using lead-free solder.
Main Characteristics
Product Inductance
(at 100 MHz)
(at 100 MHz)
DC Resistance
Rated Current
Min. Max. Min. Max.
1N0 ± 0.3 nH 3 0.3 10.0 200
3N3 ± 0.3 nH 3 0.7 5.0 150
12N ± 5% 3 1.5 2.0 100
Production and Sales Plan
  • Sample price: 10 yen per unit for each product type
  • Production site: TDK Ugo Corporation
  • Production capacity: 1 million units per month initially
  • Start of production: July 2006

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