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TDK Launches a 1005-Size Phase Shifter for Use in 3G Cellular Phones

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TDK Launches a 1005-Size Phase Shifter for Use in 3G Cellular Phones

Transmitted signal output power is optimised by adjustment of the signal phase

1005-Size Phase Shifter
1005-Size Phase Shifter

April 11, 2006

TDK Corporation announces the development and commercialization of a phase shifter capable of optimizing transmission signal output power in cellular phones. This device comes in a 1005 package.

Recently, the use of third generation (3G) cellular phone technology is becoming widespread all over the world, and with it the importance of controlling transmission signal output power in the design and the development of cellular phones is increasing. Responding to market demand, this phase shifter optimizes the transmission signal output power principally by controlling the phase of the signal waveform in the cellular phones.

This low-loss phase shifter contributes to transmission efficiency and handset power savings by enabling effective signal adjustments while minimizing the power output demands on the power amplifier. Moreover, by cascading two values from the three component values of 30°, 60° and 90°, the phase angle can be finely adjusted in 30° increments up to 180°, allowing a different phase angle as required.

This phase shifter, developed using proprietary thin-film ceramic layers and fine-line thick-film conductors, attains superior phase shift characteristics in an extremely small package size of 1.0 x 0.5 x 0.45mm. Furthermore, this product's high performance and small size allow it to be placed conveniently on the handset platform circuit board, increasing the flexibility of design for both the handset and the circuit board, and enabling more effective RF* control.

Explanation of Terminology
* RF:Radio Frequency. The wireless frequencies used by telecommunications equipment.
Main Features
  1. The phase angle can be finely adjusted by selecting individual phase shifter values or by cascading values. With a combination of two cascaded values the phase angle can be adjusted in 30° increments up to 180°.
  2. This product contains no lead or lead compounds. Recyclable PS material is used for reel packaging.
Production and Sales Plan
  • Sample price: 50 yen
  • Production location: TDK Ugo Corporation
  • Production capacity: 5 million per month
  • Production start date: April 2006

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