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Relocation of TDK's Headquarters and construction of a new building at TDK Technical Center

Relocation of TDK’s Headquarters and construction of a new building at TDK Technical Center

Sep. 1, 2017

TDK Corporation announces that it has decided to relocate its Headquarters to the Nihonbashi 2-chome Urban Redevelopment District in Tokyo, Japan and granted the construction of a new building at its Technical Center in Chiba prefecture, Japan.

TDK’s new Headquarters will be situated in the Nihonbashi 2-chome Urban Redevelopment District (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) after relocating from the Shibaura district, with a plan to complete the relocation in October, 2018. The New Headquarters is positioned as a place for fostering active interactions with stakeholders around the world and as a core site for the global business of the Group, and will play a role in leading the TDK Group. At the same time, it will aim to provide an environment and space in which each employee can work energetically.

The new building at TDK Technical Center (Ichikawa-city,Chiba), currently under construction, is scheduled to be completed in January 2019. With this expansion, the company will advance the materials and parts technology that TDK Corporation has developed to date, and at the same time will accelerate the development of new core businesses such as solutions for sensors and actuators and energy units.
As with the relocation of the Headquarters described above, when the construction of the new building is complete, TDK will improve the development environment of TDK Technical Center for the creation of new products as TDK’s core global R&D site.

We will take this opportunity to further evolve TDK based on the spirit of its establishment: “Contribute to culture and industry through creativity.”

The details of the new Headquarters and the new building of the TDK Technical Center are as follows:

1. New Headquarters of TDK Corporation

New location : Nihonbashi 2-chome Category-I Urban Redevelopment Project Block C
Address : 17-3, Nihonbashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tenants : TDK Corporation, TDK Lambda Corporation, TDK Service Corporation.
Timing of relocation : October 2018 (scheduled)
Other : The Company plans to propose a partial amendment to its Articles of Incorporation regarding its head office at the 122th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on June, 2018.

2.New building of TDK Technical Center (expansion)

Construction site : 2-15-7, Higashiohwada, Ichikawa-city, Chiba
Total floor area : about 14,424.37 square meters
Structure of the building : 5-story
Start of construction : June 2017
Estimated timing for completion : January 2019
Start of operation : January 2019
Relocation of TDK’s Headquarters and construction of a new building at TDK Technical Center
(The new building is on the left.)

About TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation is a leading electronics company based in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1935 to commercialize ferrite, a key material in electronic and magnetic products. TDK's portfolio includes passive components, such as ceramic, aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, ferrites and inductors, high-frequency products, and piezo and protection components, as well as sensors and sensor systems and power supplies. These products are marketed under the product brands TDK, EPCOS, InvenSense, Micronas, Tronics and TDK-Lambda. TDK's further main product groups include magnetic application products, energy devices, and flash memory application devices. TDK focuses on demanding markets in the areas of information and communication technology and automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. The company has a network of design and manufacturing locations and sales offices in Asia, Europe, and in North and South America. In fiscal 2017, TDK posted total sales of USD 10.5 billion and employed about 100,000 people worldwide.

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