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Driving Collaboration to Mobile Society Limitless potential for magnetic sensor technology


Today, we seek a secure, safely motorized society without accidents. To achieve this, electronic components that operate accurately even under tough conditions are indispensable. This is the story of a TDK product development project team, which has been creating solutions for the next-generation motorized society.
The featured products is Micronas CUR 423x current sensor.

Christian Schladebach
Julien Fabrègues
Satoshi Abe
Yuta Saito
Jörg Franke
Ma Zong Xiang (项马棕)
Pieter De Muyter

For more details on CUR 423x, visit the following website.

Product Overview
CUR 423x – TMR-Based Closed-Loop Sensor for High-Current Coreless Applications
The CUR 423x current sensors feature non-intrusive, galvanically isolated contactless current measurement based on closed-loop TMR technology.
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Featured Stories
A TMR Sensor Solution Providing Ultra-High-Precision Monitoring of an EV Battery
The battery monitoring function helps to precisely estimate the travel distance by accurately measuring remaining battery capacity. One of the components that affects the performance of EV battery monitoring is the current sensor.
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Press Release: TMR-based closed-loop sensor for high-current coreless applications
CeraCharge™ – Meeting the challenge of developing next-generation batteries

CeraCharge™ – Meeting the challenge of developing next-generation batteries

CeraCharge™ is the world's first rechargeble all-ceramic solid-state SMD battery. TDK’s R&D engineers around the globe, who joined forces to develop this pioneering battery technology, talk about this next-generation rechargeable battery and its enormous potential.

Biomagnetic Field Sensing for More People

Biomagnetic Field Sensing for More People

The technology in our components may allow health professionals to treat patients with little impact on the body while taking the measurement. This joint research by TDK and the Tokyo Medical and Dental University is aimed at visualizing the movement of the heart by using magnetic sensors.


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