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The TDK Group’s Materiality

TDK believes it is important to promote CSR activities that respond to changes in stakeholders and the social and business environment surrounding the Group. From fiscal 2013 TDK has promoted the study of materiality in accordance with the fourth edition of the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines (GRI-G4), and in fiscal 2015, with the approval of management, we finalized our materiality.

Materiality Finalization Process

GRI-G4 made a revision from requiring comprehensive information disclosure to requiring information disclosure with a focus on materiality. The objective of this revision was to encourage companies to determine their reporting content purposefully by getting management to be more deeply involved in CSR.
TDK held discussions with stakeholders outside the company, implemented a dialogue with management, and finalized materiality through the following process.

Finalization of Materiality

The prioritization in Steps 2 and 3 was conducted on the basis of 46 items chosen in consideration of items required by the GRI-G4, and 19 material issues were identified. These issues were further sorted and classified and finally condensed into the following 10 important themes for the promotion of activities from now on. After approval has been received from the Executive Committee, the competent departments in the TDK headquarters are taking the initiative in setting key performance indicators (KPI) in coordination with TDK Group companies in order to promote related activities.

Finalization of Materiality
Finalization of Materiality