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Creating a Framework for Gauging Product Contributions

Efforts at TDK

Expand reduction of CO2 emissions through products (product contributions) is one of the core initiatives within TDK Environmental Vision 2035 and Environment, Health and Safety Action 2025. To mount potent appeals for the social contributions by TDK products as the fruits of technical initiatives, these product contributions have been calculated and disclosed from TDK Environmental Action 2020 (the Company’s previous medium- to long-term plan). Public awareness activities are also being advanced to gain understanding of the contributions of electronic components as intermediary parts, along with moves to formulate coherent industry standards for calculation methods positioned to serve as the basis for earning appropriate evaluations of product contributions performance, and the results were released in the form of guidance.
Based on these results, TDK established the Guideline for Calculation of Product Contributions, supplemented the assessment requirements during the product development stage by adding calculation of product contributions and is promoting the spread of calculation work throughout the Group.
In fiscal 2018, rules for calculating the degree of product contribution were established in conjunction with the miniaturization of capacitor products for automotive use.
TDK will continue development calculation rules and will make efforts to expand and spread their use throughout the Group.