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TDK Announces Establishing 'TDK Environmental Action 2020'

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-- Aims to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by the End of FY 2021 --

Jun. 20, 2011

TDK Corporation has announced its establishing a basic environmental action plan named 'TDK Environmental Action 2020', a new medium-to-long-term plan for the environmental activities of the TDK Group as a whole up to the end of fiscal 2021.

As the environmental policy of the TDK Group, TDK Corporation has formulated the TDK Environment Charter, consisting of the Basic Principle on the Environment and the Basic Policy on the Environment. In order to realize this environmental policy, TDK Corporation already had two basic challenging action plans. The action plans are revised every five years in consideration of accomplishments so far and future trends in the environmental issues. TDK has completely reset the second plan 'TDK Environmental Action 2015' formulated in April 2006, after achieving global targets. Finally, the third basic environmental action plan 'TDK Environmental Action 2020' has been generated in April 2011.

'TDK Environmental Action 2020' which is tried to adapt to changing in a global trend of environmental concerns, aims to advance the environmental activities of the group rather than making the effort to achieve the previous environmental action plan. As well as compliance with laws, regulations, any requests and requirements of customers and the electronic components industry, one of the most remarkable concept of the new plan is a goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Carbon neutrality in TDK Corporation means balancing the quantity of CO2 emissions between its caused by production activities and its reduction through using TDK products in electronic devices. TDK has indicated that it will be the biggest challenge to make the carbon neutrality successful not only in the production activities at the TDK factories around the world, but also in the manufacturing activities to produce and develop more products that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and lead to a reduction of the environmental burden through the electronic components. This difficult task of the carbon neutrality, as the concept anticipating social trends, is the first attempt in the electronic components industry.

As mentioned before, there are two factors of environmental burden quantity (the quantity of CO2 emissions caused by production activities) and environmental contribution quantity (the creation of products that lead to reduction of the environmental burden or CO2 emissions) in the new action plan. TDK creates the perspective of a balance sheet of CO2 emissions, named 'CO2 Balance Sheet', for comparing the factors to clarify TDK achievement of the carbon neutrality by fiscal 2021.

The TDK Group will continuously develop the environmental activities and make every efforts to leave beautiful environment to the next generation and to enable sustainable development in the world through achieving this new goal.

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