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TDK and Uhnder deliver world-class localization with digital imaging radar for autonomous platforms

TDK and Uhnder deliver world-class localization with digital imaging radar for autonomous platforms

January 11, 2021

TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762) announces the partnership of Trusted Positioning Inc. (TPI), a TDK Group Company and leader in inertial navigation software, and Uhnder, a leader in digital radar technology. TPI and Uhnder have partnered to develop a localization reference design with world-class accuracy and performance with Uhnder’s software defined digital radar sensor and TPI’s AUTO positioning software. The combined solution provides lane-level positioning accuracy in urban areas where GNSS fails, and under all weather and lighting conditions where cameras and lidars face environmental challenges.

TPI is comprised of a world-class engineering team with a sensor fusion pedigree of integrating inertial sensors, GNSS and radar. They have been solving some of the most difficult location problems for decades.

Uhnder’s innovative, fully digital 4D software-defined imaging radar technology uses Digital Code Modulation (DCM) to replace traditional analog frequency modulation. This breakthrough patent pending architecture enables unrivaled angular resolution and interference rejection. Uhnder’s use of DCM also allows High Contrast Resolution (HCR) to resolve juxtaposed objects previously undetectable by traditional radar sensors, especially in long distances. Customers that require best-in-class radar for autonomous systems are fueling demand for Uhnder’s chip and system solutions.

“Using Uhnder imaging radar, we can now apply our sophisticated positioning algorithms and provide customers with unmatched accuracy that was not previously possible with other radars,” said Chris Goodall, Managing Director of TPI. “Autonomous platforms require accuracy, reliable and integrity in all environments without compromise. Operating within a different frequency spectrum, radar sensors have long promised a new perception input that complements cameras and lidar for positioning integrity, but few imaging radars have delivered on implementation. The Uhnder radar sensor, combined with our AUTO software, is the first system to deliver on this promise.”

Uhnder’s technology platform impressed TDK Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of TDK. “TDK Ventures recognized the pioneering possibilities of a digital imaging radar-on-chip solution and identified the potential for incremental strategic learnings above the ongoing engagement with TPI, and thus participated in Uhnder’s recent Series C funding round,” said Andrew Maywah, Investment Director at TDK Ventures.

“TPI’s sophisticated algorithm in combination with Uhnder’s unique DCM technology, which provides best in class high contrast resolution, enables unprecedented localization accuracy,” said Max Liberman, Vice President of Chips at Uhnder. “The combination of both technologies provides a level of accuracy for positioning that will be required in autonomous vehicles in the future.”

The partnership between Uhnder and TPI will enable end customers to use the reference design to quickly incorporate Uhnder radar with TPI AUTO software to obtain lane-level positioning accuracy in all environments and progress their products to market quicker.

About TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation is a world leader in electronic solutions for the smart society based in Tokyo, Japan. Built on a foundation of material sciences mastery, TDK welcomes societal transformation by resolutely remaining at the forefront of technological evolution and deliberately “Attracting Tomorrow.” It was established in 1935 to commercialize ferrite, a key material in electronic and magnetic products. TDK's comprehensive, innovation-driven portfolio features passive components such as ceramic, aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, as well as magnetics, high-frequency, and piezo and protection devices. The product spectrum also includes sensors and sensor systems such as temperature and pressure, magnetic, and MEMS sensors. In addition, TDK provides power supplies and energy devices, magnetic heads and more. These products are marketed under the product brands TDK, EPCOS, InvenSense, Micronas, Tronics and TDK-Lambda. TDK focuses on demanding markets in automotive, industrial and consumer electronics, and information and communication technology. The company has a network of design and manufacturing locations and sales offices in Asia, Europe, and in North and South America. In fiscal 2020, TDK posted total sales of USD 12.5 billion and employed about 107,000 people worldwide.

About Trusted Positioning Inc.

Trusted Positioning Inc is formed from a world class team of innovators that have been solving some of the most difficult location problems for decades. The team, located in Calgary, Canada is a business unit of TDK Corporation and is comprised of experts in inertial navigation, dynamic motion mechanics, geomagnetic positioning, GNSS, BLE, Wi-Fi and other wireless positioning techniques.

About Uhnder

Uhnder is leading the transformation of radar from traditional analog modulation to Digital Code Modulation (DCM). Uhnder’s patent pending technology delivers substantially more accurate results across complex use cases, making autonomy possible. Uhnder’s innovation promises to redefine perception-based solutions, offering improved performance, a smaller footprint, and lower power consumption. Headquartered in Austin and launched in 2015 by Manju Hegde and Curtis Davis, Uhnder is the only pure play radar supplier delivering both digital radar chips and systems. Learn more about Uhnder here:

About TDK Ventures

TDK Ventures invests in startups to bolster innovation in materials science, energy/power and related areas typically underrepresented in venture capital portfolios. Established in 2019 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of TDK Corporation, the corporate venture company’s vision is to propel the digital and energy transformations of segments such as health and wellness, next-generation transportation, robotics and industrial, mixed reality and the wider IoT/IIoT markets. TDK Ventures will co-invest and support promising portfolio companies by providing technical expertise and access to global markets where TDK operates. Interested startups or investment partners may contact TDK Ventures: or


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