Message from Andreas Keller

Message from Andreas Keller

Andreas Keller

Corporate Officer
General Manager of Human Resources HQ

Since 2017, TDK has been working on a large-scale reform of its human resource systems. Having identified the simultaneously emerging mega-trends of DX (digital transformation) and EX (energy transformation), we have begun assembling a global team of employees who are capable of staying ahead of technological developments, and we have invested in fostering their professional skills. This prioritization of human resources is an urgent task that will enable us to achieve our growth strategy going forward.

Specifically, we have set out three core goals—developing the next generation of human resources; establishing an efficient global Human Resources platform; and improving communication—and have put in place measures and policies aimed at achieving those goals. One of our greatest successes to date has been our progress in measuring and visualizing the English language and communication skills of individual employees, and creating integrated systems to support trans-national transfers of personnel. This has allowed for a more flexible exchange of human resources on a global scale, while making the process of participating in professional development programs required for advancement and promotion easier and more efficient. During the current Medium-Term Plan, we are primarily in the infrastructure-building stage, and we are also making steady progress with more concrete efforts, among them launching various TDK Group-wide management development programs for management-level and high-potential employees. These programs, created in collaboration with leading business schools around the world, will accelerate the growth of both existing and next-generation leaders. For the next Medium-Term Plan, we will focus on extending these efforts further into the workplace while ensuring the results are carefully validated.

Obviously, given our current business environment, the need for overwhelmingly rapid transformation applies to human resource systems as well. In advancing these reforms, we selected individuals from among Human Resource professionals at group companies worldwide to be responsible for specific areas, including evaluation, training, and hiring. Each of these managers has leveraged their personal strengths and exhibited strong leadership in these efforts; as a result, it took us only about two years to implement reforms that would normally require four or five years to complete. This innovative approach perfectly illustrates the strength of diversity, a value that TDK upholds for the entire company.

In recent years, as we have accelerated our M&A efforts, we have seen many demonstrations of this global-scale “strength through diversity”, reinforcing our desire to further embody this ideal through our human resource system reforms. By doing so, TDK stands to be recognized as a truly global company and a leader among Japanese firms.


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