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Communication Message

Attracting Tomorrow

These words symbolize TDK’s aspirations as we have continued over the years to create new norms through encounters with various industries, including music, computers, automotive, and energy. From now on also, TDK will endeavor in various fields to build and change the future from small components.

TDK promotes the TDK brand by conducting branding activities through various media with the corporate message "Attracting Tomorrow" as the theme.

Sentiment contained in “Attracting Tomorrow” message

The verb “attract” is used to describe how a magnet draws iron. It also has the meaning of captivating and fascinating people. On the basis of our core competence in magnetic technology, TDK has continued to create new technological frontiers with the capacity to change the future. Rather than just waiting for the future to happen, we should seek to attract it with our own will and effort. This is the sentiment contained in TDK’s “Attracting Tomorrow” message.