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Celebrating Independence Day by Lighting Up New York Times Square
? TDK and Toshiba Present Dynamic LED Fireworks Animation -

TDK-Toshiba collaborated LED animation at Times Square celebrating US Independence Day

June 27, 2012

TDK Corporation announces its collaboration with Toshiba, which will connect both companies’ LED signs together at the One Times Square building in New York City, to present a dazzling LED animation featuring a fireworks presentation to celebrate Independence Day this July 4th. The display will start running June 27 through July 8, 2012. This is the second collaboration with TDK and Toshiba since last Christmas.

Connecting the TDK LED signboard with Toshiba’s located above it will create an LED animation of 130 feet (39.66m). The combined displays reach 400 feet (120m) from the ground and LED technology enables special animation for holidays and events. This time, it will be used to capture the enthusiasm and patriotic mood for Independence Day by presenting brilliant LED animation featuring fireworks and the American flag.

The first such illumination last year presented in collaboration with Toshiba at Christmas was recognized by "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™"1 in May this year as "The tallest animated lighting decoration".

  • *1: "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™" is a registered trademark of Guinness World Records Limited.
Outline of "TDK-Toshiba collaborated LED animation at Times Square celebrating US Independence Day"

Period (US local time)::
June 27 - July 8, 2012
(Presented every day during this time at the interval of 11 minutes*2)
LED signboards of TDK and Toshiba located at One Times Square building in New York City

  • *2: Presentation interval may change day by day. To be presented all day long on Independence Day (July 4)

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GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ was first published in 1955 by Irish Guinness Brewery (originally called "The Guinness Book of Records"), which is now translated into more than 37 languages and sold in more than 100 countries. There are about 40,000 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™, with new records being achieved daily.

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