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TDK to Support Sony Corporation's New "Optical Disc Archive" Standard and Expand Product Range for Professional-Application Optical Disc Market

April, 16, 2012

TDK Corporation is announcing its support for the new high-capacity optical disc storage standard called "Optical Disc Archive" developed by Sony Corporation. Consequently, TDK will be expanding its lineup to meet increasing demand in the area of recordable optical disc media for professional archiving applications.

As a long-term leader in developing recordable media, TDK has always worked in close contact with other involved companies, actively exchanging information already from the standardization stage onwards in order to devise optimal products for the respective format. The expansion of cloud computing driven by the evolution of digital networking has dramatically expanded the scale of data volumes handled by data centers and similar data storage facilities. The key factors here are further increased storage capacity, high speed, and long-term reliability. Within this market environment, TDK has established itself as an industry leader in the recording media sector, providing a wide range of products including Blu-ray Disc™ and professional tape media.

TDK is now officially announcing its support for Sony's "Optical Disc Archive" which integrates 12 optical discs within a single compact cartridge, providing large storage capacities and allowing data to be handled on a per-file basis. Cartridge options range from 300 GB to 1.5 TB, in re-writable and WORM (Write Once Read Many) format.

Valuable video content that used to be archived on massive quantities of bulky tape media can be preserved much more efficiently with the new-generation archive system. Functions such as searching for content data are made easier, and convenience for secondary and subsequent uses is notably improved, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of content utilization. Preserving valuable video assets for future generations is becoming ever more important, and the new system will help to meet this important market need.

  • Note: Blu-ray Disc™, Blu-ray™, and associated logos are trademarks owned by Blu-ray Disc Association.

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