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TDK to Consolidate a Subsidiary

December 22, 2011

TDK Corporation (President: Takehiro Kamigama) today announced that it will merge its wholly owned subsidiary TDK Ujo Corp. with another wholly owned subsidiary, TDK-MCC Corp. (Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture), through an absorption-type merger. TDK Ujo Corp. manufactures medium- and high-voltage capacitors, and dip capacitors; and TDK-MCC Corp. also manufactures capacitors. The merger will effectively transfer TDK Ujo Corp.’s production to overseas as described below. This move is part of TDK’s current measures to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities and enhance its earnings power.

  1. Purpose
    In response to structural economic changes, an increasingly fierce global business environment and other developments, TDK is currently implementing structural reforms to remain competitive in the global market. As part of these reforms, TDK decided to merge TDK Ujo Corp. with TDK-MCC Corp. through an absorption-type merger. Moreover, after examining the cost-competitiveness, profitability, future prospects and other factors concerning the medium- and high-voltage capacitors and dip capacitors* handled by TDK Ujo Corp., TDK has decided to transfer and concentrate production overseas. Following the transfer of production, the production site of TDK Ujo Corp. will be closed.
  2. Main schedule for merger and transfer of production
    (1) Merger of TDK Ujo Corp. by absorption into TDK-MCC Corp.: July 1, 2012
    (2) Closure of TDK-MCC Corp. Ujo Plant (currently TDK Ujo Corp.): End of September 2012.
  3. Personnel
    In the merger by absorption, the employees of TDK Ujo Corp. are to be transferred to the Honjo Plant of TDK-MCC Corp.
  4. Overview of TDK Ujo Corp. (As of December 2011)
    (1) Company TDK Ujo Corp.
    (2) Address 50 Kamota, Aza Ushiroseki, Showa-Midarebashi, Katagami City, Akita Prefecture
    (3) Representative Kazuo Suzuki
    (4) Business Manufacture of medium- and high-voltage capacitors and dip capacitors
    (5) Established October 1968
    (6) Capital ¥110 million
  • * Dip capacitor
    A capacitor with lead wires attached, generally used in electronic devices

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