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Notice Regarding the Determination of the Exercise Price of Stock Options

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- Stock Acquisition Rights -

August 17, 2011

TDK Corporation (the “Company”) has announced the Exercise Price of stock acquisition rights to be issued as stock options (the “Stock Acquisition Right(s)”) and other related items decided by a Board of Directors’ meeting on July 28, 2011.

  1. Total number of Stock Acquisition Rights
    The number of shares to be allotted to each Stock Acquisition Right is 100 shares.
  2. Number of Stock Acquisition Rights allotted and number of eligible persons
    544 Stock Acquisition Rights will be allotted to 104 high-ranking TDK managers and 375 Stock Acquisition Rights will be allotted to 70 executives and high-ranking managers of TDK group companies.
  3. Amount to be paid for Stock Acquisition Rights
    No payment shall be necessary for Stock Acquisition Rights.
  4. Class and number of shares to be issued upon the exercise of the Stock Acquisition Rights
    The Company's common stock 91,900 shares
  5. The amount to be invested when exercising Stock Acquisition Rights
    The Exercise Price: ¥4,567
    • Note: The Exercise Price is an amount which is the average of the closing prices of the Company’s shares of common stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on each day (other than any day on which no sale is reported) of the month immediately preceding the month in which the date of the issue of the Stock Acquisition Rights, August 18, 2011, falls, multiplied by 1.05 with any amount less than one Japanese yen arising out of such calculation to be rounded upward to the nearest yen.

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