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TDK Becomes First Electronic Components Manufacturer to Receive Special Award for Environmental Ratings from DBJ

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September 29, 2010

TDK Corporation has announced it has become the first electronic components manufacturer to receive a special award under the environmental assessment scheme of the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ), having acquired the highest ranking in the scheme. Furthermore, by pledging to reduce its CO2 emission intensity per unit of electricity generated by 6% or more within three years, TDK becomes eligible for application of the DBJ's interest subsidy system for interest-free loans to assist the acceleration of global warming countermeasures. It has been decided that TDK can receive an interest subsidy of up to 3% for three years on a loan relating to global warming countermeasures.

Under the DBJ's environmental ranking loans, the first such loan scheme of its kind in the world, the DBJ assesses the environmental management systems of companies using an original evaluation system developed by itself, selects outstanding companies, and fixes loan conditions for them according to their scores.

In the latest assessment, TDK not only became the first electronic components manufacturer to acquire the top ranking, which is limited to companies whose "efforts in consideration of the environment are especially advanced," but also received the special award (given to companies in the top ranking that score more than 200 points in the assessment). It was also the first case in which the scope of the environmental assessment covered overseas as well as domestic production sites.

Using the loan that it receives, TDK plans to install the latest equipment and machinery and reinforce domestic plants with the aim of achieving its energy-saving and CO2 reduction targets.

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