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TDK Develops, Begins Mass Production of
Three New Gigaspira Multilayer Bead Products

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- Industry's highest impedance* in 1005 size and
high noise control effects over a wide frequency range -

TDK Develops, Begins Mass Production of Three New Gigaspira Multilayer Bead Products
TDK Develops, Begins Mass Production of Three New Gigaspira Multilayer Bead Products

Apr. 13, 2009

TDK Corporation announced today that it has developed three types of MMZ1005-E Gigaspira multilayer gigahertz band chip bead product with the industry's highest impedance.1 Mass production is scheduled to begin in June. These products were developed using original multilayer structure technologies and ferrite material technologies, successfully raising the impedance and adding to TDK's lineup of products suitable for eliminating noise over a wide band in the gigahertz range.

In recent years, mobile devices such as mobile phones have incorporated numerous advanced functions in addition to standard talk functions such as terrestrial digital broadcast and FM broadcast reception and GPS functions. When they are used, each of these functions requires a different signal, and if radiated noise affects the reception antenna or high-frequency circuit units, reception sensitivity can deteriorate. Consequently, it is necessary to efficiently eliminate noise from high-density mounted circuits and isolate each signal. As mobile devices become smaller and slimmer, there are increasing demands for space-saving component mountings and smaller components.

To respond to these market needs, TDK developed three high-impedance products that can efficiently eliminate noise over a wide band using a single chip. This contributes to cutting the number of components and reducing mounting area. With the development of these new products and the start of mass production, TDK's lineup of Gigaspira beads (MMZ1005-E) comprises a total of eight types of two materials, allowing users to select the product ideally suited to their needs.

The new products will be displayed at the Techno-Frontier 2009 trade show opening at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Center on April 15.

  • * As of April 2009, according to TDK investigations.

1) Impedance: When an alternating current signal flows, the resistance that makes it harder for the signal to flow (alternating current resistance). The higher the impedance, the harder it is for the signal to flow.
Main Features
  • Industry's highest impedance for a gigahertz band chip beads product.
  • TDK's original materials and process technologies achieve low resistance.
  • RoHS compliant.
Main Characteristics
Product Impedance
at 100 MHz (Ω)
at 1 GHz (Ω)
DC Resistance
Rated Current
MMZ1005S 182E 1800±25% 1800±40% 1.65 max 200
MMZ1005A 182E 1800±25% 2700±40% 2.2 max 200
MMZ1005A 222E 2200±25% 3000±40% 2.3 max 150
Main Applications
Mobile phones, audio players, camera modules, etc.
Production and Sales Plan
  • Production site: Akita region
  • Production capacity: 20 million units/month
  • Start of production: June 2009

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