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TDK Donates 30 Million Yen to Aid Earthquake Relief in Sichuan, China

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May 21, 2008

TDK Corporation has pledged to donate 2 million yuan (about 30 million yen/290,000 dollars) to aid earthquake relief in China after the devastating 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, which occurred on May 12. The donation is being made on behalf of the entire TDK Group.

TDK, which is increasingly developing its business activities in China, made the decision to donate funds for earthquake relief based on the urgent need felt in China for earthquake relief aid and in an effort to try and bring some relief to the victims of the massively destructive earthquake. TDK is also implementing a Group-wide employee fund-drive to try and raise further money for earthquake relief.

The earthquake relief-including the 2 million yuan pledged by the TDK Group as well as the money raised by employee fund-collecting-is to be donated via TDK China Operation Group and other China-based TDK corporations to governmental organizations and the Chinese Red Cross and is to be used to help the victims of the earthquake as well as for re-building efforts in Sichuan Province. The entire TDK Group would like to express its deepest sympathy for the victims of the earthquake. Our thoughts remain with China during this difficult time.

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