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TDK Announces Changes of Directors, and Corporate Officers

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April 28, 2008

TDK Corporation today announced that its Board of Directors has resolved to make the following changes to its Directors and Corporate Officers. The appointments of Directors are subject to Shareholder approval at the General Shareholders Meeting to be held on June 27, 2008. The appointments of Corporate Officers are subject to Board approval at the meeting of the Board of Directors following the General Shareholders Meeting.

  1. Directors (new appointment and resignation)
    Director Candidate
    Kenichi Mori (Ph.D.)
    Professor Tokyo University of Science
    Graduate School of Management of Science and Technology
    Retiring Director
    Jiro Iwasaki
    Director , Executive Vice President
  2. Corporate Officers
    Corporate Officer Candidates
    Atsuo Kobayashi
    General Manager of the Data Storage & Thin Film Technology Components Business Group
    Junji Yoneyama
    General Manager of the Human Resources Dept.
    Changes in Corporate Officer Positions
      New Position Former Position
    Seiji Enami Executive Vice President Senior Vice President
    Retiring Corporate Officers
    Jiro Iwasaki
    Executive Vice President
    Michinori Katayama
    Senior Vice President
    Shunji Itakura
    Corporate Officer
New Executive Lineup

As a result of the above changes, the new executive lineup as of June 27, 2008 will be as follows.

Chairman and CEO Hajime Sawabe
President and COO Takehiro Kamigama
Director Seiji Enami
Director Shinji Yoko
Director Yasuhiro Hagihara*
(Attorney at Law, Squire Sanders Gaikokuho Kyodo Jigyo Horitsu Jimusho)
Director Minoru Takahashi
Director Kenichi Mori*
  * Outside Director
Corporate Auditors
Corporate Auditor Masaaki Miyoshi
Corporate Auditor Noboru Hara
Corporate Auditor Kaoru Matsumoto*
(Certified Public Accountant, Matsumoto & Co.)
Corporate Auditor Ryoichi Ohno*
(Prudential Financial, Inc., Japan Representative Office
Regional CFO-Japan (USGAAP Reporting))
Corporate Auditor Yukio Yanase*
(Director, Representative Executive Officer President and Chief Operating Officer, ORIX Corporation)
  *Outside Corporate Auditors
Corporate Officers
Chairman and CEO Hajime Sawabe
President and COO Takehiro Kamigama
Executive Vice President Seiji Enami
Senior Vice President Shinji Yoko
Senior Vice President Takeshi Nomura
Senior Vice President Takaya Ishigaki
Senior Vice President Minoru Takahashi
Senior Vice President Raymond Leung
Senior Vice President Shiro Nomi
Senior Vice President Shinichi Araya
Senior Vice President Takeo Suzuki
Corporate Officer Kenichiro Fujiwara
Corporate Officer Shinya Yoshihara
Corporate Officer Atsuo Kobayashi
Corporate Officer Junji Yoneyama

For further information, contact the Corporate Communications Dept.
Tel.: 81-3-6778-1055