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Approach, Policy and Other Matters
regarding Reducing the Investment Unit

June 27, 2024

1. Approach to reducing the investment unit

TDK Corporation (the “Company”) recognizes that reducing the investment unit is one of the effective means of improving the liquidity of shares and expanding the investor base.

2. Policy on reducing the investment unit

The Company will continue to consider a smaller investment unit whether a reduction in trading unit is necessary or not, as well as the appropriate timing for reduction if warranted, taking stock market conditions and trends in the Company’s stock price, and the cost-effectiveness among other factors, into consideration.

  • * We have made this timely disclosure under Rule 409 (Disclosure of Lowering Investment Units) of the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange because the unit of investment in our stock as of March 31, 2024 is not less than 500,000 yen.

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