Chronological display of TDK products

Here you can follow TDK’s progress in a chronological display correlated to world events. Representative electric and electronic products of each era are on display. They all have TDK components inside.

Dismantled Rice Cooker
Learn how ferrite is used!

Take an actual look inside various household appliances and learn how ferrite is used in these. For example, how is ferrite used in a rice cooker? You will see electronic circuits normally hidden from view.

Old television
What were household appliances of the past like?

We put together a nostalgic assemblage of actual household appliances, such as old television sets, record players, other products used in homes. We then introduce the vital uses of TDK electronic components which are found in these items.

Chronological display of TDK products
TDK, always at your side

There are various electronic devices which have supported our daily lives from the past to the present.
TDK electronic components played an active part in these devices.
Check out TDK’s work in supporting your lifestyles.

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