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To educators

The TDK Museum welcomes a wide range of school visits, including social study tours, school trip visits, and extracurricular visits.
If you wish to visit as a school event, or if you require an explanation in the museum, an advance application is necessary. Please apply by email, phone, or fax stating desired date and time of visit, number of people, name of group, name of person in charge, and contact.
Before submitting inquiries or applications, please be sure to read the Handling of Personal Data for Inquiries and Applications, the Terms of Use, the TDK Privacy Policy, and the TDK Cookie Policy. If customers submit inquiries or applications, we assume that they agree with TDK’s handling of personal data.

Handling of Personal Data for Inquiries and Applications

  • TDK Corporation handles the personal data of customers submitted with inquiries or applications appropriately in accordance with TDK Personal Data Protection Basic Policy and the following provisions:
  • 1. Company name and personal data protection administrator
    TDK Corporation; Secretariat, TDK Museum
  • 2.Purposes of use of personal data
    We will use the personal data of customers only for the purpose of answering inquiries in the case of inquiries; only for the purpose of necessary contact relating to visits in the case of visits; and only for the purpose of necessary contact relating to event participation in the case of event applications.
  • 3.Supply of personal data to third parties
    Unless there is a justifiable reason, we will not supply the personal data submitted by customers to third parties without consent.
  • 4. Consignment of personal data to third parties
    The Secretariat of the TDK Museum sometimes consigns work relating to inquiries, visits, events, etc. to third parties. Although the personal data of customers may be handled by an outsourcing contractor in such cases, TDK rigorously supervises its outsourcing contractors.
  • 5.Inquiries regarding personal data
    If you have any inquiries regarding submitted personal data, or wish to amend or delete data, please contact the following:
  • Information Security Office
    TDK Corporation
    2-5-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-6128
TDK Museum Office


  • Please note that it may be difficult to schedule a tour on your preferred date and time, and it may take some time before we can respond to your request.
  • Group reservations are available for free tours only on Saturdays and holidays.
    (Tours with a tour guide are available only on weekdays.)


Parking space is available for 50 ordinary-sized vehicles.
Special parking space for large buses (capacity: two vehicles)