Permanent Exhibition

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Welcome to life in 2035

How are TDK’s technologies going to change the future?
How is your future going to change?
Let’s think about and experience the future here!

Floor Map of the Future ZoneFLOOR MAP

Permanent Exhibition


Understand how electromagnetic induction works and experience a hands-on demonstration of spintronics, the leading-edge technology that makes use of the spin properties of electrons.



See the world of the near future, where all kinds of things that surround us in daily life are interconnected and AI is used to support more comfortable and healthy lifestyles. Experience two major aspects: sensing technology and high-speed wireless communications.


3Future Town 2035

This city of the future relies on clean renewable energy sources which also support wireless power transfer systems. Public institutions, homes, and people are all interconnected via the IoT, creating a comfortable society of the future.


4Interactive Magnetic Field Theater by teamLab

This stunning theater installation has been created by teamLab, an interdisciplinary group of ultra-technologists. It turns normally invisible magnetic fields into a visual experience that responds to touch in a myriad of ways.



This space will be used for a regular program of events, workshops, and more.


Magnetism Obeject

This object symbolizes magnetics technology. It uses a combination of original TDK technologies including wireless power transfer, magnets, ferrite, power supplies, and SESUB.

Special Exhibits

Interactive Magnetic
Field Theater by teamLab

This hands-on experience space was created by teamLab, an interdisciplinary group of ultra-technologists. While magnetism normally is not a visible phenomenon, this exhibit expresses it in artistic fashion through three modes—Space, Earth, Electrons—which interactively respond to touch and undergo various changes.


Exhibition and management advisor: Takayuki Honda (Science Communicator)