Interactive Magnetic Field Theater by teamLab

This amazing interactive space was created in collaboration with teamLab, an interdisciplinary group of ultra-technologists active in Japan and around the globe. Using latest digital technology, TDK's forte—magnetism—is expressed here in artistic fashion through three modes— Space, Earth, Electrons—which interactively respond to touch and undergo various changes. The Electrons mode in particular comprises the two modes of electronics and spintronics, expressing the movement of electrons in each mode in a scientifically accurate manner.

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Touch the sun or planets to see magnetic forces depicted through light, as they stream out from the sun and planets, connecting and disconnecting from each other. Touch those connecting paths and you will see them change.



Touch the aurora to see it shimmer and change into a variety of colors.


Electrons in electronics mode

Touch the free electrons and see electricity pass through the grid pattern created by the chemical bonds between the electrons. Touch the free electrons more than once and see electricity pass all at once through the grid pattern created by the chemical bonds, making the grid shine brightly.


Electrons in spintronics mode

Touch the free electrons to change the rotation direction and orientation and see the electricity travel further away. Depending on the direction, electricity may travel fast or slowly. This artwork depicts the nature and direction of electrons.

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