Future Town 2035

This city of the future relies on clean renewable energy sources which also support wireless power transfer systems. In the center, self-driving commuter vehicles will be the main means of transport, and on the highway, smart personal vehicles will also be driving autonomously. The diorama shows a comfortable society of the future, where public institutions, homes, and people are all interconnected via the IoT.

Touch Panel and Diorama
How will towns look in the near future?

With dioramas and computer graphics, you can see a future town of 2035, in which year TDK will celebrate the 100th anniversary since its founding. It is presented with particular attention to transportation, energy, and housing (Smart House).

What experiencing augmented reality looks like
Let’s try peering into the near future with augmented reality!

You can see up close various technologies of our future society with augmented reality. What technology is utilized in a world where we can drive electric vehicles with wireless power transfer systems? What technology is put into practice in a world filled with wind power generation?

A bus running around the diorama
Make a bus run with wireless power transfers!

On the streets, you see electric vehicles and buses driving autonomously without drivers. These streets are equipped with wireless power transfer systems by which the batteries of electric vehicles are recharged automatically as vehicles move over them.

Future Zone

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