Permanent Exhibition


Experience the past and future of electronic equipment

Introduces the history of the evolution of electronic equipment and how TDK’s products and technologies,
centering on magnetism, have contributed to society.

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Permanent Exhibition

The History of Magnetism

1The History of Magnetism

Using an easy to understand format, this exhibit shows how important discoveries and inventions related to electricity and magnetism came about.

TDK History

2TDK History

Discover the story behind the company, through episodes about the founder Kenzo Saito and the people around him. Also meet the other presidents who built on the founder's legacy and led the company to further growth.

TDK’s Four Great Innovations

3Ferrite Cores / Magnetic Tapes / Multilayer Chip Components / Magnetic Heads
(TDK’s Four Great Innovations)

Learn about four major breakthroughs pioneered by TDK that had a profound impact on society.

Three Key Areas for Growth

4Three Key Areas for Growth

TDK is currently focusing on three growth areas—ICT, Industrial Equipment and Energy, and Automobiles. Discover the exciting products that play key roles in each of these sectors.

Digital Time Line

5Digital Time Line

The digital time line enables visitors to learn about TDK’s history. Various episodes from TDK’s history can be displayed by touching the numerous photos displayed on a massive screen that covers an entire wall.

Chronological Display of TDK Products

6Chronological Display of TDK Products

Here you can follow TDK’s progress in a chronological display correlated to world events. Representative electric and electronic products of each era are on display. They all have TDK components inside.

Recording Media

7Recording Media

This display highlights the cassette and video tapes that made the TDK brand famous around the world. Nostalgic TV spots can also be seen here.



VVideos and display panels show how TDK's special production technology as embodied in the Japanese word Monozukuri has evolved and how it works today.

TDK's Activities for Society

9TDK's Activities for Society

Learn about corporate activities by TDK that benefit society at large, as well as about branding and social contributions.



We introduce seasonal exhibits presented for limited periods of time.


Not to be missed!

Four great world-class
innovations by TDK

Based on the corporate motto of “Contribute to culture and industry through creativity,” TDK has been continuously pouring forth a stream of innovative products ever since its founding in 1935, using ferrite as a starting point and harnessing superior magnetics and materials technology. Here you will encounter four major TDK’s innovations of global importance, within the context of their time.