TDK’s Four Great Innovations: Ferrite Cores, Magnetic Tapes, Multilayer Chip Components, Magnetic Heads

Using visually engaging CG videos, four TDK’s innovations that had a major impact on society are showcased in chronological order: ferrite cores, magnetic tapes, multilayer chip components, and magnetic heads.

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Ferrite Core

Ferrite cores are the products that stood at the very beginning of TDK as a company. They made radios and later TV sets more capable and affordable for consumers. By bringing these into ordinary homes, TDK contributed to creating a society where sound and visuals could be shared and experienced by many people in real time.


Magnetic Tape

The world’s first cassette tape designed for music was developed by TDK. Check out the impact that magnetic tape had on everyday life, and learn how magnetics technology was applied to realize better tape products.


Multilayer Chip Components

Since the introduction of multilayer chip components, there has been an unstoppable trend for many different kinds of consumer electronics to become ever smaller, lighter, and more powerful. Find out how multilayering technology works and see how it was used in various products.


Magnetic Head

Computers that once filled a room eventually became personal, and everybody could own one. Progress in magnetic heads technology meant that large amounts of information could be easily stored and accessed, enabling computers to perform a multitude of functions and making them indispensable to everyday life. Find out what this technology involves and see how it is applied.


Innovation Table

The contribution that products and technologies from the magnetics specialist TDK have made to the spread and development of electrical products is illustrated by realistic computer graphics and other video material.


Experience Corner

Here visitors will find a rotary dial type black telephone, a tape recorder, a game console, and a personal computer. By trying out these vintage products, younger visitors can get a glimpse of life in earlier times and marvel at how convenient modern life has become.