Recording Media

This is a display corner for recording media, including the cassette and video tapes which TDK helped take over the world.

Cassette Display
Product packages for nostalgic products!

This is a large collection of packages of TDK recording media products which defined their respective eras. These include cassette and video tapes, as well as CDs and DVDs. You may just see a once-cherished product which you yourself used.

Video Monitor at the Cassette Display
Connecting people to other people using technology both in the past and today

Cutting-edge TDK technologies, which have been passed down from the era of the cassette tape. We have long aspired to using technology to support communication between people, and continue to do so today. We have created a video to capture that sentiment.

Capsuled Toy Dispenser (Vending Machine Corner)
Limited-edition capsuled toys also available!

A TDK cassette tape captured in ingenious miniature on a key ring! The “TDK cassette tape capsule toy vending machine (Gatcha-gatcha),” available only at the TDK Museum, makes the perfect souvenir. There are three types of cassette, with a single turn of the capsuled toy dispenser costing 500 yen.

History Zone

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