TDK History

We share the story behind the establishment of TDK and more. We present the origins of TDK through episodes about our founder, Kenzo Saito, and introduce the people who supported him along with the succession of presidents who have been the driving forces of TDK.

Kenzo Saito
Founder: What kind of person was Kenzo Saito?

In an effort to realize his dream of enrichening the poor farming community in Akita where he was born, Kenzo Saito, TDK’s first president, had pursued a number of businesses and failed each time before founding TDK. Here, we introduce the personality of Kenzo Saito.

Dr. Yogoro Kato and Dr. Takeshi Takei
The birth of ferrite!

In 1930, Dr. Yogoro Kato and Dr. Takeshi Takei at the Tokyo Institute of Technology invented the revolutionary magnetic material of ferrite. TDK was established in 1935 with the aim of commercializing this ferrite.

Award Plaque
Recognized as an IEEE Milestone

In 2009, the IEEE, the world’s largest association for electrical and electronic engineers, recognized the “Development of Ferrite Materials and Their Applications” as one of their honorable IEEE Milestones.

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