The History of Magnetism

This is a simple introduction to the historically important discoveries of electricity and magnetism.

William Gilbert
Discover that the Earth is one large magnet!

In 1600, William Gilbert of England discovered that the Earth has a magnetic field, or “geomagnetism,” and that the Earth is one large magnet. It was at this point that the history of magnetism began.

Hans Christian Ørsted
Let’s learn the relationship between electricity and magnetism!

In 1820, Hans Christian Ørsted of Denmark noticed that magnetic needles move when near copper wire which has electric current flowing through it. With this, the relationship between electricity and magnetism was discovered.

Actual Ferrite Core
What is a ferrite core?

Here, you can see an actual ferrite core, which was the origin of TDK’s foundation. We have gathered a full array of variously shaped and sized ferrite cores, which have played a significant role in the evolution of TVs and radios.

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