Three Key Areas for Growth

We introduce the kinds of products playing their part in the three growth fields in which TDK is currently concentrating its efforts, of “ICT,” “Industrial and Energy,” and “Automotive.”

On the frontlines of ICT (Information Communications Technology)!

The arrival of 5G is driving an evolution in ICT. TDK electronic components are being deployed to contribute to smartphones, as well as the base stations and servers which are the foundation of 5G. Check out TDK’s initiatives in the smartphone field!

Industrial machinery and Energy
An active role in Industrial and Energy!

TDK power supply products are fulfilling important functions in renewable energies, such as wind power and solar power generation, and industrial machinery, such as industrial robots and railways.

Playing our part in Automotive!

TDK’s electronic components are contributing to the development of next-generation automobile technologies, including electric and hybrid vehicles, and technologies for autonomous driving and the elimination of traffic accidents. Check out TDK’s initiatives in the electric vehicles field!

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