The evolution of TDK’s Monozukuri (manufacturing excellence) and aspects of its modern production technologies are introduced through illustrative panels and videos.

TDK’s Five Core Technologies
What are TDK’s core technologies?

Five core technologies, driven by TDK’s Monozukuri. Here we introduce what kinds of products these technologies have given rise to. What are those five core technologies?

Video Explanations of Monozukuri Technology
The secret to Monozukuri technology

Take an in-depth look at materials technology and tape technology. Learn about the processes and key technologies involved in manufacturing ferrite core and magnetic tape, with clear video explanations. Get a glimpse into the secret of Monozukuri.

Inside household electronics of the past
Look inside household electronics of the past!

In an era before the use of printed circuit boards (PCBs), point-to-point wiring was done manually—by hand-soldering components, resulting in a complicated tangle of wiring. Look at the size of the components inside!

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