Logo designed for Nikaho Museum Collaboration Council

A logo has been created for the Nikaho Museum Collaboration Council, which is composed of the following five museums in Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture:

  • Nikaho City Kisakata Local Museum
  • Uichiro Saito Memorial Museum
  • Shirase Antarctic Expedition Memorial Museum
  • Children's Ferrite and Science Museum
  • TDK Museum

The design for this logo was originally drafted by the students in the Information Media Department of Akita Prefectural Nikaho High School.

Nikaho Museum Collaboration Council

The crown atop the mark represents Mt. Chokai, while the orange and blue lines at the bottom represent a rice paddy and the Sea of Japan, respectively.
NMCC stands for Nikaho Museum Collaboration Council.

Looking ahead, this logomark will be utilized in conducting promotional activities for the Nikaho Museum Collaboration Council.