Attraction from the 2017 Games in London
9.58-Second Challenge to be held for a limited time!

  • 9.58Challenge

    The 9.58-Second Challenge, a traveling exhibit held at the TDK Museum and other sites during the 2017 World Athletics Championships in London will be restored and held again for the first time in five years for a limited time. Will you take on the challenge of breaking the 9.58-second world record in the 100 m race?

    Try to break the world record!
    Anyone who can run the 100 m in 9.58 seconds or less will receive an original TDK Museum neck towel!

    The band-type wearable devices that participants will wrap around their ankles for this attraction uses a TDK sensor (the MPU-9250 9-axis sensor) that can detect motion. Based on the motion of the sensor, the number of steps taken by a user is counted, and competitors run on-screen.

  • Photo spot
    Photo spot

    Visitors can also take a commemorative photo on a set of the World Athletics Championships located adjacent to the 9.58-Second Challenge site. After attempting to break the world record, participants can get their photo taken just like an athlete at the Championships!

  • Life-size start board on display
    Life-size start board on display

    The start board is a life-size (approximately 9 m × 2 m) recreation of the LED board used at the World Athletics Championships (the illuminated board located behind the starting line of the 100 m race). You can get a sense of its massive size from up close.

TDK products are used in the World Athletics Championships stadium.

Large video devices vibrantly display the athletes in competition at track and field venues, baseball stadiums, soccer stadiums, and other sites. TDK industrial power supplies support these beautiful images.

Normally, commercial power supplies provide alternating current (AC), and in order to display video, it is necessary to convert the AC power to direct current (DC) power inside the device. In addition, to accurately reproduce the red, green, and blue (RGB) colors of video, it is necessary to convert the power to the appropriate voltage for each color.

AC-DC power supplies perform this electric power conversion function. TDK-Lambda brand AC-DC power supply products boast high conversion efficiency and outstanding reliability and are used in a wide range of video devices around the world including large video displays, electric signs, and signs in train stations and airports.

At Hayward Field, the venue for the 2022 World Athletics Championships, the LED board with the TDK logo located behind the starting line of the 100 m race used TDK power supply products.
The 100 m race attracts attention from around the world, and TDK power supply products watch over the athletes as they pursue peak performance.

TDK and the World Athletics Championships

The World Athletics Championships is an event where the world’s leading athletes compete to determine the world’s best.
TDK has supported the World Athletics Championships as an official sponsor since the first games were held in Helsinki in 1983.

TDK has done this because we want to support athletes who continuously challenge records and themselves and are opening up the future and because they share something in common with TDK’s commitment as a company that contributes to society by creating original technology that will create a brighter future.
TDK will continue to serve as an official sponsor at least until 2029.