SDGs mode has been added to the Special Exhibit “Reki-Mira Quiz: Time Challenge!”

Reki Mir
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The TDK Museum’s mascots Reki-chan and Mira-kun now ask new questions on the SDGs!
How many can you answer correctly?

Reki-Mira Quiz: Time Challenge!

  • What does SDGs stand for?

  • The 10th goal is “Reduced _____” What word fills the blank?

  • What is eating alone called?

  • Biomass is energy produced from what?

  • How much do forests decrease around the world each year?

Standard Mode: A quiz covering a range of fields—from TDK-related topics to questions on geography, science, invention history, and assorted knowledge.
SDGs Mode: A quiz about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
You have only two minutes to answer the questions. Please give it a try.

A Quiz to Activate Your Mind and Body

Quiz questions are projected onto the floor. Stamp your foot on the right answer. Enjoy this way of using both your mind and body!
Win a giveaway for a high score!

The quiz offers two topics.

The quiz is designed with questions on two different topics.Normal Mode presents questions mainly on TDK, science, and history.
SDGs Mode presents questions related to the SDGs.

The quiz has two difficulty levels, easy and normal.

Easy: Easier questions for children from the third grade level and up.
Normal: More advanced questions from the junior high school level up to adults.

Hints to Quiz Answers

You’ll find lots of hints to answer the quiz in the exhibits at the museum. Observe carefully and learn lots of things!

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