5G Future Drive in TDK Museum

Fifth Anniversary Exhibit at
TDK Museum

5G Future Drive
in TDK Museum

2021 10.7~

Experience the future
of 5G communications

5G is a next-generation communications network that will accelerate the evolution of society and create prosperity.

5G Future Drive in TDK Museum is a special exhibit commemorating the fifth anniversary of the museum’s foundation. It will enable visitors to experience driving in a future world without traffic lights as one type of experience in the society that next-generation networks will create.

What will change with 5G?

How will 5G change our lives?
  • Education

    Using information and communications technololgy (ICT) to create a society with no educational disparities. Remote classes taught by teachers in classrooms that can be located anywhere will be conducted and AI parthers will provide advice to students.

  • Industry

    In smart barns, sensors using 5G communications will monitor cattle in place of people. Regional industry including livestock raising, agiculture, and fisheries will be transformed.

  • Industry

    For sake brewing, the skill of the head brewer raw materials, manufacturing, environmental factors, and other data will be modeled so that robots can reproduce traditional sake brewing.

  • Medical

    Real-time communication with a doctor in a remote location will be possible, and information such as the patient's treatment history and vital information will be instantly displayed.
    This will provide reassurance to patients not just during ordinary care, but also during emergencied.

  • Mobility

    5G will be used as autonomous vehicle communications technology.
    Various TDK sensors and electronic components contribute to autonomous driving.

  • Factories

    Factory automation is advancing through the use of 5G communications.
    TDK uses AI and robot technologies in the pursuit of zero-defect manufacturing.

Based on three key features—ultra-high speed and high capacity
(communications speeds are more than 10 times faster than 4G),
multiple simultaneous connections
(connection to one million terminals in an area of one square kilometer), and ultra-low latency
(approximately one-tenth the latency of 4G)—5G will bring about major changes in our lives and society.

Experience driving of
the future

Experience driving of the future

Efforts to create “collision-free cars” that prevent rear-end and other collisions are underway by using direct communications among cars and between cars and pedestrians. It is expected that initiatives using communications technology will accelerate with the rollout of 5G.

This attraction allows visitors to experience firsthand the future of automated driving in a world without traffic lights.

TDK Technology Contributing to the Realization of 5G

Structure of 5G communications networks

Structure of 5G communications networks

Installation of base stations is currently underway, primarily in urban areas, to support the widespread adoption of 5G. A base station is a site with antennas for transmitting and receiving 5G radio waves.
The area that can be covered by a 5G base station is smaller than that of a 4G base station, and as a result, a massive number of base stations will be needed.

TDK developed an LTCC AiP device, which has an antenna-in-package (AiP) structure that integrates the antenna for transmitting and receiving 5G radio signals with a filter. These devices feature low loss and high efficiency, contributing to high-capacity data communications.

LTCC AiP device

LTCC AiP device

LTCC AiP device

The LTCC AiP device was created using a TDK proprietary LTCC* processing technology known as co-firing of different materials.
This process prints circuits made up of numerous elements such as capacitors and inductors on dielectric sheets and stacks the sheets. Since the capacitor layers and inductor layers use sheets made of different materials, sintering them at the same time requires advanced technology.

In addition to LTCC AiP devices, TDK provides a wide variety of products and technology services that support 5G communications including components for communication circuits, sensing, and noise countermeasures as well as batteries.

* Low temperature co-fired ceramics

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