Annual Report 2014Annual Report 2014


Annual Report 2014


President's Interview

Bringing Together the Power of
Our Entire Group and Pursuing Further Growth
with the Aim of Achieving Full-Scale Growth
in Our Business Results

Takehiro Kamigama
President & CEO

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Special Feature :
Nanotech & Thin Film Solutions

Nanotechnology and thin film technology

from TDK exemplified by magnetic heads

lead the way towards further innovation.

TDK has world-leading nano- and thin-film
By integrating these cutting-edge
with various core competences,
TDK is creating new technologies
that provide
exciting new solutions for our lives.

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Financial Results

Net Sales(millions of yen)
Operating Income(millions of yen)
Net Income(millions of yen)

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*Fiscal year are ended March 31

Note: Operating results relating to the data tape business and Blu-ray business are separately presented as discontinued operations in consolidated statements of income for FY2014. Also reclassifications are made to consolidated statement of income for FY2012 and FY2013 to conform to the presentation used for FY2014.

Board Members

Board Members

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