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We want to share the enjoyment and intrigue of electronics with as many people as we can. TDK’s online Tech-Mag was born from this desire and is set to power up to new levels. We will continue to publish a rich array of content—from basic knowledge of electronic components to the latest technology trends - for the benefit of everyone around the world, especially engineers and students. We hope you will also discover the fun of electronics through TDK’s Tech-Mag.


Techno WorldBasic Technology Knowledge

The Techno World section explains in detail the fundamentals of magnetic technology, a core TDK technology, as well as ferrite and noise. Electromagnetic waves emitted by digital equipment have an impact on wireless equipment itself due to the electromagnetic environment. This series of articles explains in detail electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measures to address such noise.

Techno World

EMC Noise

A huge variety and volume of electronic components underpin the electronics society of today. This series introduces the principles and functions of the electronic equipment around you.

Techno World

Electronics ABC

The “electronics society” of today is sustained by an enormous number of electronic components of many different kinds. This series provides an overview of the operation principles and functions of major electronic components that are found in many products of daily use.

Techno World

Ferrite World

Ferrite, where it all started for TDK, is a magnetic material that underpins modern electronics society. This series introduces the little-known world of ferrite.


Hot TopicsTechnology Topics

In Hot Topics, we present miscellaneous information and interesting snippets related to technology. This section is packed with information to enrich your daily life.

Hot Topics

Knowledge Box

This miscellany of electronics knowledge is full of handy information including our 88th article on hydrogen-fueled vehicles, which are currently attracting plenty of attention, and our 15th piece on induction heating (IH) mechanisms, which are part of our daily lives.

Hot Topics


Read this series of articles to rediscover the science in our daily lives, with a focus on the magnets that operate in numerous products around us.