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Medium-to Long-Term Growth Strategy

TDK's film application products business is mainly conducted by our Hong Kong subsidiary Amperex Technology (ATL). With regard to energy devices for the ICT sector, the trend towards thinner mobile devices suggests that the demand for lithium polymer batteries will rise, taking the place of conventional square lithium-ion batteries. Taking advantage of this changeover, we intend to broaden our customer portfolio and thereby increase our market share. In the existing products category, we will promote sales of special types, such as batteries with support for rapid charging, 3D products* that enable higher capacity through effective use of surplus space, and types with improved throughput.

Furthermore, in addition to current sales for mobile devices centered around smartphones, we also expect an increase in demand for energy storage systems (ESS) for use in solar power and wind power installations. Our active approach to demand also in such areas besides mobile devices will contribute to the realization of growth.

* Batteries using electrodes with a three-dimensional structure. This increases the battery capacity and enables more efficient energy supply.

Outlook for Fiscal 2016

We expect net sales of applied film products to grow by about 25% in comparison to fiscal 2015. Sales of lithium polymer batteries are set to grow, not only to our established major customer in North America but also to customers in China and South Korea. The move away from heavy reliance on one client company and toward a broader spectrum of customers will result in a more balanced customer portfolio and further contribute to the stabilization of our operations.

Energy Devices
Main Products
For ICT Network
Lithium polymer batteries for smartphone
For Automotive
Lithium-ion batteries for automobiles
For Industry Equipment & Energy
High-capacity lithium ion batteries for power storage systems
Energy Devices Energy Devices
Requirements for
Future Products
  • Provide comprehensive solutions from battery cells to packaging deign for batteries
  • Maintain pricing competitiveness
  • Minimize malfunction risks
Car manufacturers, communication equipment manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, infrastructure manufacturers, electrical home appliance manufacturers, precision instruments manufacturers, etc.
Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi Maxell, etc.

Samsung SDI (Korea), LG Chem (Korea), BYD (China), etc.
World Market
Share of
(TDK Data)

Lithium-ion polymer batteries 20 - 25%

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Segment Business Strategy