Segment Business StrategyPassive Components

Medium-to Long-Term Growth Strategy

The recent structural reform promoted the allocation of Management Resource to the passive components segment as a field with high profitability. In particular, inductive devices, high-frequency components, and piezoelectric material components have been designated as key businesses. Strategic investments and technological development are being implemented, with the aim of pushing the operating income ratio over 10% by fiscal 2018.

A stable supply situation is expected with regard to products for the automotive sector, with the potential for growth, as we are responding to demands by manufacturers and consumers for reduced energy consumption and lower power operation.In the ICT sector, the expansion of the smartphone and tablet market will bring about more business opportunities for TDK through technological innovation.

Outlook for Fiscal 2016

In fiscal 2016, we expect net sales to grow from 7% to 10%. Among inductive devices, the share of thin-film products and multilayer products for the ICT market and the automotive market is expected to grow. In the area of high-frequency components, SAW, TC-SAW, BAW, and other filters for the LTE market expanded, and further growth in sales is expected, thanks to development efforts aimed at smaller dimensions and further improved characteristics. An expansion in sales is also projected for piezoelectric material components, key products being parts for the automotive market and optical image stabilizers for camera modules on the Chinese market.

Inductive Devices
Other Passive Components
Main Products
For Automotive
Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors with soft conductive resin terminal electrodes
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
For ICT Network
3-terminal feed-through capacitors
For Industrial Equipment & Energy
Film capacitors
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Condenser Condenser
For Automotive
SMD inductors with guaranteed high temperature ratings
Common mode filters for automotive LAN
For ICT Network
SMD inductors
Thin-film common mode filters
For Industrial Equipment & Energy
EMC filters
Inductive device Inductive device
For Automotive
Piezo actuators
Various sensors
(Gear tooth, Pressure, Current, Temperature)
For ICT Network
SAW / BAW filters, RF modules, VCM,
Multilayer chip varistors
For Industrial Equipment & Energy
Additionally passive component part Additionally passive component part

Important Requirements for Future Products

  • Smaller form factor, higher capacitance
  • Lower profile for embedding
  • Lower ESL to enable decoupling applications
  • Higher temperature resistance for automotive use, higher structural reliability with soft conductive resin terminal electrodes
  • Smaller dimensions, lower height, higher current rating, higher efficiency, lower losses
  • Develop product lineup according to usage environment
  • Strengthen EMC control products for reception sensitivity of smartphones with support for more bands
  • Develop filters for automotive networks
  • Enlarge product mix to cover all RF bands
  • Increase production of camera module actuators
  • Adapt angle sensors to automotive applications
Car manufacturers, communication equipment manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, infrastructure manufacturers, electrical home appliance manufacturers, precision instruments manufacturers etc.
Murata Manufacturing, TAIYO YUDEN, etc.
Murata Manufacturing, TAIYO YUDEN, SUMIDA CORPORATION, etc.
Murata Manufacturing, TAIYO YUDEN, ALPS ELECTRIC, etc.
SEMCO (Korea), Yageo (Taiwan), KEMET (U.S.), AVX (U.S.), etc.
SEMCO (Korea), Cyntec (Taiwan), etc.
Avago Technologies (U.S.), Quovo (U.S.), etc.
World Market Share of Representative Products (TDK Data)
  • Ceramic capacitor for automobiles 40–45%
  • Inductors 20–25%
  • SAW filters 30–35%
  • Varistors45–50%
  • Surge arresters75-80%

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Segment Business Strategy