TDK's Future StrategyColumn: The Strength of Diversity

Fully Leveraging the Strengths
of Acquired Companies through
TDK-Style Post-Merger Integration

Joachim ZichlarzExecutive Vice President
Electronic Components Business Company CFO

Joachim Zichlarz

I currently serve as the CEO of the EPCOS Group, which became part of the TDK Group in 2008. This merger was a very attractive deal for both companies, as it helped in complementing our respective product portfolios. In addition, the merger process was carried out very smoothly thanks to the fact that TDK treated EPCOS not simply as a company it acquired but rather as a business partner of equal status that it newly incorporated as an important member of the Group. I believe that the trust-based relationships that were subsequently established between the two companies have acted as the foundation for the synergies we are creating in various areas of operation today.

TDK has adopted a Group-wide approach that respects the culture and values of the companies it acquires, without forcing its approach on them, in an effort to realize mutual growth. TDK is today a truly global company, with over 90% of its employees on a consolidated basis being from countries other than Japan. Management meetings are conducted mainly in English, allowing participating members of various nationalities to voice their opinions without hesitation. This, in turn, encourages the active exchange of opinions. All members participating in these meetings, including myself, find these meetings to be very engaging as we are able to experience TDK's global spirit and business approach. Moreover, TDK has fostered a corporate culture that allows anyone, regardless of age or position, to voice their opinions to the Company's management. I believe that such a culture represents a strength that will support TDK's growth going forward.

By fully leveraging the strength of diversity in these ways, TDK will be able to move forward with Group-wide initiatives to realize further growth.

The EPCOS OHG Deutschlandsberg factory (Austria)

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TDK’s Future Strategy