Get to Know TDK ~The Story of TDK's Sustainable Corporate Value Creation~Business Portfolio

Automotive Market

Leveraging Relationships with Automobile Manufacturers
and a Broad Portfolio to Accelerate Business Expansion

TDK has worked to enhance its product portfolio in such areas as passive components, magnets, and power supply, contributing to the increased use of electronics by offering products compatible with demands for high reliability. The expected widespread use of xEV(HEV, PHEV, BEV, etc.) and the rapid development of IoT mean that the market for electronic components for automobiles is also expected to expand. By adding a broad array of non-optical sensors and wireless power transfer systems to its portfolio, TDK is expanding its business in the automotive market.

ICT Market

Contributing to the Evolution of ICT Devices through Use of Thin-Film Technology and Modularization

TDK offers more than 20 types of products for smartphones, including lithium polymer batteries, thin-film power inductors, and various types of sensors. As smartphones simultaneously become more highly functional, incorporate a wider range of functions, and become thinner, the electronic components built into them will require even greater integration. TDK will support the evolution of ICT devices by accelerating the creation of next-generation electronic components that take advantage of its strength in thin-film technology, and the modularization of electronic components utilizing SESUB, TDK's innovative semiconductor embedded substrate technology that allows for high-density mounting.

Industrial and
Energy Market

Contributing to Energy Savings and Efficiency with a Focus on Power-Related Components and Sensors

The industrial and energy market is also a priority for TDK. We provide highly reliable, highly efficient electronic components for renewable energy systems, railways, and industrial robots, contributing to energy savings and efficiency. In addition to wireless power transfer coils and other powerrelated components that control and supply electrical power and which take advantage of our core competence in magnetics technology, we are working to expand sales with a focus on sensors. We are also working to provide high-value-added solutions for industrial robots, an area where particularly rapid growth is expected.

We are Ready to Transform

TDK Product Brands

Through a series of M&As, beginning with Micronas in 2016 and concluding with InvenSense in 2017,
through its business tie-up with Qualcomm, and through the establishment of the joint venture company RF360,
TDK has prepared for the transformation to a hybrid business model. Building on a foundation of materials and electronic components differentiated by advanced technology,
we will provide sensor solutions and power solutions, creating a high-value-added business model and pushing forward with market expansion.

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Get to Know TDK