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Nonlinear Progress


Business ModelTireless Innovation through Application and Diversion

Using its core competence in magnetics technology as an axis, TDK has been harnessing materials technology for shaping the characteristics of a material already at the atomic level, in conjunction with process technology that maximizes its potential. This has enabled us to consistently deliver products at the leading edge of technology. Taking aboard ideas under the “Industry 4.0” concept and combining them with our zero defect quality approach that uses upstream management to eliminate quality variations, we are further strengthening our Monozukuri power.

The pace of change in the electronic components industry is very rapid. To remain competitive in this field, a company needs to continuously evolve and innovate. Looking toward the future, TDK will leverage its core competence in magnetics for the development of next-generation technology, and we will further elevate the sophistication level of our integrated production to ensure utmost reliability. In this way, we will continue to deliver products that contribute to the evolution of society.

Our Past Nonlinear Progress

In the rapidly evolving world of electronic components, simply doing “business as usual” is out of the question. Aiming to contribute to society and create true value, TDK has devised various strategies and tackled a number of difficult challenges so far. Guided by a long-term and environment-oriented perspective, we have continued to vary our business portfolio to meet the needs of the times. Accordingly, our key products also underwent significant changes along the way.

Nonlinear Progress to Come

In anticipation of the coming IoT society, we are building a strategic portfolio centered around the development of “sensors and actuators,” “energy units,” and “next-generation electronic components.”

Demand for HDD magnetic heads, which used to be a driver for TDK's growth, is currently stagnating and the smartphone market has also matured. The creation of new areas of business therefore is paramount. We will be aggressively expanding our activities in the automotive and industrial equipment and energy markets. We intend to reach or surpass the goals set for the fiscal year ending March 2018, boosting both the operating income ratio and ROE by at least 10% each, as we advance toward the 100th anniversary of the company in 2035.

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