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Background to Identification as Materiality

Significance for TDK

By identifying opportunities in TDK’s business based on internal and external information, it will be possible to create new products and solutions that do not currently exist in TDK’s portfolio and allocate research and development resources efficiently. TDK will be able to acquire new business opportunities and aim for further growth.
Furthermore, by properly evaluating and recognizing risks that would obstruct the achievement of management targets, it will be possible for senior management and business divisions to accurately grasp opportunities and risks and take risks rationally in accordance with growth strategy. That would also lead to the prevention of damage to our business and corporate value caused by the outbreak of large-scale accidents, scandals, and so on.

Significance for Society

We believe that the TDK Group’s efforts to strengthen marketing using digital technology, effectively identify business opportunities, and bolster risk management capabilities will enable us to continue to meet the expectations of stakeholders for, among other things, the supply of high-quality products in accordance with social issues and customer needs, the realization of a productive environment, and compliance with standards required by society.


Themes Identify and capture business opportunities effectively by strengthening marketing capability with full use of digital technology Strengthen the group's risk management capabilities
Responsible departments Corporate Marketing & Incubation HQ Corporate Planning Group
Goals in 3 years Collection, accumulation, and analysis of data and its transformation into information and intelligence are realized, such as product and technology content management and production; multiplatform advertisements; partnerships with web distributors and data-mining service provides; lead generation and nurturing from online forums and events. System to recognize and evaluate risks, formulate countermeasures and monitor their implementation is rebuilt, and scheme to systematically manage Group-wide risks is placed.
Action items
  • Inbound marketing: Provide TDK’s added-value information to customers
  • Content marketing: Acquire prospective customers
  • Accumulate and expand data and transform it into information and intelligence
  • Build a management system to collect, assess and manage corporate risks
  • Identify and manage climate change risks

Department Head Messages

Corporate Marketing & Incubation HQ

Michael Pocsatko

Responsible Theme

  • Identify and capture business opportunities effectively by strengthening marketing capability with full use of digital technology

The Corporate Marketing & Incubation HQ plays the role of TDK’s antenna, catching customer needs and disseminating TDK’s technologies. Our mission is to transform data into information and intelligence and, based on that intelligence, create and incubate new products and solutions that do not exist in TDK’s portfolio. Our Goal is to accelerate “Value Creation” by building bridges - communicating and collaborating across innovators both inside and outside the company. This is creating a strong “Outside-In” perspective, a more customer-oriented approach and language.
While going beyond our organization and collaborating with all kinds of divisions both inside and outside TDK, we aim to combine TDK’s technologies and create new value. In pursuing this, a new CDXO (Chief Digital Transformation Officer) function has been established with tasks regarding "Digitalization": they are 1) Digital for Customers: Agile Creation & Identification of New Values for Customers. Specific to Digital Marketing: “Customer Experience Driven Growth with Market Data, Content & Analytics”; 2) Digital for TDK Group: Agile Adoption of Global Best-Practices within TDK Group to Promote New Work Styles; 3) Digital for Ecosystem: Aggressive Networking & Co-creation Through External Collaboration.
TDK’s EX and DX initiatives are an important activity responding to the demands of society. Essentially the technologies developed by TDK are marvelous things that can contribute to the well-being of people. At the same time, these priority fields are at the core of TDK’s long-term strategy and a vital factor in promoting our business plan Value Creation.
Going forward, we must create more customer-centered innovations, entrench the outside-in way of thinking in our organization, and realize 2CX (customer experience and consumer experience), which means providing experiences that go way beyond the expectations of customers.

Corporate Planning Group, Corporate Strategy HQ

Shuichi Hashiyama

Responsible Theme

  • Strengthen risk management capabilities throughout the entire Group

I think that a challenge in the TDK Group at the moment is the lack of human resources with professional knowledge and experience relating to enterprise risk management (ERM) and a lack of understanding relating to risk management within the Group. Therefore, our first task will be to establish a risk management policy and build a secretariat structure. Then we will raise risk sensitivity in the Group by getting each division to assess risks relating to that division and try and foster a better risk culture embracing the thinking, recognition, and conduct of employees toward risks.
By encouraging each organization to accurately recognize risks and opportunities in the volatile business environment, we will build a setup for realizing sustainable value creation and value protection.