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Background to Identification as Materiality

Significance for TDK

In order to improve the competitiveness of TDK and achieve sustainable growth, it is key to develop and fully utilize in-house talents as well as to attract new and the best talents from outside. Furthermore, for innovative creation, it is essential that people with diverse backgrounds and opinions to come together for discussions. By fulfilling these conditions, a more creative, agile and disruptive environment will be created. As a result, the development of new ideas, products, processes, and solutions will be accelerated, exerting a positive impact on TDK’s sales and profits.

Significance for Society

The promotion of diversity and inclusion by society as a whole will lead to the realization of a more diverse and highly productive society. In addition, our training and development programs for employees can strengthen the skills essential for adapting to changes at work and in society. And by practicing our Corporate Motto and Corporate Principles, we can provide even better products and solutions to society.
We believe that our stakeholders also have an expectation that TDK will create an environment in which our employees can display their respective abilities and that, as a result, TDK will exert an impact on solving social issues through our products and solutions.


Themes Develop human resources to lead the TDK Group Foster greater diversity and inclusion Improve employee engagement and job satisfaction to attract and retain talented employees
Responsible department Human Resources HQ
Goals in 3 years Succession Planning Process is implemented, and the Talent Pool are well filled with leaders who can act globally and collaborate with various divisions to accelerate innovation and TDK’s growth. Employees’ understanding of the significance and purpose of activities to promote diversity and inclusion are deepened, and a foundation and talent pool are created that will continuously produce female candidates for managerial positions. Employee engagement surveys are rolled out TDK Globally and, based on analyzed outcome, feedback and appropriate improvement measures are implemented. In addition, social media channels are established to support and enhance employer branding (increasing the company’s reputation among job seekers) and recruitment, thereby achieving to transform into a more innovative and resilient company through the securing of highly engaged employees.
Action items
  • Execute Global Management training to develop future leaders
  • Build an efficient global HR platform
  • Create and manage Succession Plan for all top key positions at TDK
  • Penetrate the significance and purpose of activities to promote diversity and inclusion
  • Foster female candidates for managerial positions
  • Share TDK (Japan) activities globally and vice versa
  • Prepare and roll-out TDK Global Engagement Survey globally
  • Provide feedback based on the analysis of survey results and create improvement action plans
  • Utilize social media channels

Department Head Message

Human Resources HQ

Andreas Keller

To realize the ideal that we are aiming for in the next three years, we will further enhance our outstanding training and development programs. The best programs will change the way people see themselves. We will foster the best leaders and experts who will guide TDK to an amazing and sustainable future.
TDK established the Global Human Resources HQ in Germany and built a Global HR Management System bringing together everything from the recruitment and education of human resources to treatment, skill development, and target management. While ensuring the centripetal force of the Group, as a part of our efforts to build an organizational environment in which diverse human resources can utilize their abilities and individualities, we are endeavoring to compile Succession Plan and improve communication skills and employee engagement. Engaged team members figure out how to beat the competition. Turned off team members only complain about being beaten by the competition. Let’s make sure together that all members of the TDK Group are engaged and by doing so creating a sustainable future through our products, systems and solutions.
There are challenges in implementing these initiatives. The TDK Group operates around the world and consists of a variety of Group companies, so our sites have different languages. Furthermore, although English is our common language, there are regional differences in the level of English communication skills. To overcome these challenges, we will carefully discuss with business leaders in the different parts of the world and search for the right approach, while for English communication skills, we will further strengthen our efforts to improve the communication levels through Global English assessments and training programs.
At the end, let me introduce a quote from a book I once read that made a lasting impression on me: “Smart teams will do good things, but truly diverse and inclusive teams will do impossible things.”