Sustainability | EnvironmentA History of TDK's Environmental Activities

1993 TDK Environmental Voluntary Plan formulated
Total elimination of ozone depleting substances*1
1995 Start of ISO 1400 implementation
1996 Start of consolidated control of chemical substances
1997 Safety & Environment Office established
ISO 14001 certification obtained by Mikumagawa Plant, first in TDK Group
Introduction of product assessment
1998 ISO 14001 certification obtained by all TDK Parent Company manufacturing and R&D facilities
Total elimination of trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene
1999 Green procurement starts (Japan sites)
Lead-free project inaugurated
Regular release of Environmental Report begins
2000 Zero Emission Project launched
ISO 14001 certification of all manufacturing and R&D facilities of TDK Group in Japan completed
In-house environmental newsletter "TDK ECOPLUS" launched
2001 Feb.  Incinerators eliminated at manufacturing plants in Japan
Mar.  TDK Green Purchasing Guide (Office Edition) published
Mar.  Technical development completed for lead-free soldering
Apr.  Trial introduction of environmental accounting started (Japan sites)
2002 Apr.  Mass production technology for electronic components compatible with lead-free solder developed
Apr.  EMS Integration Preparation Committee inaugurated (committee name changed to EMS Integration Promotion Committee in April 2003)
May  Product Environment Committee inaugurated
Oct.  Fundamental environmental plan, TDK Environmental Action 2010, drafted (started from April 2003)
2003 Jul.  TDK Chemical Substance Contained for Product Standards established
Sep.  Safety & Environment Office obtains ISO 14001 certification (as a first step toward company-wide EMS integration)
Oct.  Zero emissions achieved at all TDK sites in Japan
2004 Oct.  Environmental risk management activities (for soil contamination) started at all manufacturing facilities in Japan
Nov.  Environmental Product Quality Management System established and implemented
Dec.  All general-purpose electronic components conform to RoHS Directive
2005 Jul.  Environmental risk management activities (for VOC) started at all manufacturing facilities in Japan
Dec.  Fundamental environmental plan, TDK Environmental Action 2015, drafted (started from April 2006)
2006 Feb.  300-kW solar power generation system introduced at Kofu Plant (selected for field testing of solar power technologies by NEDO*2)
Mar.  EMS integration for all manufacturing facilities in Japan completed
Apr.  Quality Management System (QMS) and Environmental Product Quality Management System integrated
2007 Jan.  Chinese headquarters obtained ISO14001 certification (first step toward integration of EMS in China into company-wide system)
Mar.  Zero emissions achieved for manufacturing facilities of all overseas subsidiaries
May  Participated in Japan Article Management Promotion (JAMP) consortium as a promoter
2008 Feb.  Received Grand Prize in 17th "Global Environment Awards"
May  First Global Warming Countermeasure Summit held (energy-saving technology work groups launched)
Sep.  Start of environment-conscious product certification system (Eco Love products)
Dec.  Participation in CO2 emissions trading scheme in Japan
2009 Sep.  TDK establishes Biodiversity Action Agenda
Dec.  The installation of the solar power system at the Kofu Plant wins a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 14th New Energy Award Review Board Chair's Prize
2010 Mar.  TDK discloses chemical substance information on the "JAMP-GP chemical substances in products information system"
Mar.  TDK-Lambda Corporation concluded a comprehensive "corporate hometown building agreement" with Shinano-machi in Nagano Prefecture and the Mountain Village Revitalization Support Center
Sep.  TDK became the first electronic components maker to receive a special award under the environmental assessment scheme of the Development Bank of Japan
2011 Feb.  Fundamental environmental TDK Environment Action 2020, drafted (started from April 2011)
2012 Sep. TDK receives special award under environmental assessment scheme of Development Bank of Japan for second time in a row
2013 Oct.  Akita Prefecture Mount Chokai beech forest planting drive enters 10th year
Dec.  ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications in Japan changed to Bureau Veritas Certification, to unify certifications of domestic sites
2014 Apr.  TDK Corporation establishes a special agreement ("Corporate-Regional Collaboration Agreement") together with the municipality of Shinanomachi, Nagano Prefecture, and the Mountain Village Revitalization. Center (three parties).
Dec.  U.S. ISO14001 certifying organization changed to Bureau Veritas Certification; process integrated partially with Japanese domestic certification
2015 Mar.  Achieved the fundamental environmental plan "TDK Environmental Action 2020" goal of a one million-ton environmental contributions
2016 Mar.  TDK Environment, Safety and Health Action 2025 formulated as basic environmental plan in accordance with the TDK Environmental Vision 2035 (implemented from April 2016)
Apr.  "Guidelines for Calculation of Product Contributions" published with the aim of enhancing the reliability of product contribution calculations
Apr.  Biomass boiler at Honjo Plant of TDK-MCC Corporation taken into operation. Use of biomass fuel is a first for the TDK Group.
2017 Jul.  Raising of Japanese rice fish (Oryzias latipes), an endangered species, begun at TDK Akita's Kitakami Plant as a biodiversity protection activity
Aug.  Received special award in the Development Bank of Japan’s environmental ranking for the third consecutive year.
Total abolition of high-concentration PCB equipment in Japan
2018 Apr.  Revision of the TDK Environmental Charter (fifth edition)
Oct.  Clean energy purchasing promoted primarily at European business sites of TDK Electronics AG
2019 May.  TDK expressed support for the recommendations of the TCFD*3 (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)
2020 Jan. The TDK Asama Techno Factory receives the Energy Conservation Center, Japan Chairperson’s Prize in the Energy Conservation Best Practices Category of the FY 2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.
Feb. TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. is commended by the US Environmental Protection Agency for its significant reduction of an environmentally harmful substance (lead) and industrial waste (copper).
  1. Limited to ozone-depleting substances regulated by the 1993 Ozone Layer Protection Law (except for air conditioning equipment which is outside the scope of the law).
  2. NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
  3. The TCFD was founded in 2015 by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international body seeking to achieve the stabilization of the financial system.