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Contributing to SDGs through Technology and Products

TDK contributes to realization of a happy future society through its technology and products which address six SDGs: Good Health and Well-Being for All (SDG 3), Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG 7), Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (SDG 9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11), Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12), and Climate Action (SDG 13).
These SDGs represent areas in which we feel we can provide maximum value considering the potential of TDK technology and products to contribute toward solutions to social issues facing us today. In our efforts to draw an ideal society where issues are successfully solved, TDK will further develop its technology and products, thereby contributing toward solutions enabling realization of a happy future society.

SDGs Social issues that TDK addresses An ideal society
  • Increasing health and welfare challenges facing an ageing society
  • Sharply increasing medical expenses
  • An increase in people requiring nursing care with the transition to an ageing society
  • Challenges in facilitating active lives and social participation for the disabled
  • Ensuring universal availability of highly advanced medical technology
  • Maintaining a simple understanding of one’s own health
  • A comfortable lifestyle for nursing care patients
  • Supporting independent lives and social participation for the disabled
SDGs 私たちを取り巻く社会課題 理想とする社会
  • Climate change from increased fossil fuel usage
  • Transitioning to renewable energy (Gasoline-powered cars  EV)
  • Use of highly efficient renewable energy
SDGs 私たちを取り巻く社会課題 理想とする社会
  • Fragile infrastructure of developing countries
  • Deteriorating infrastructure of advanced countries
  • Labor shortage
  • Explosive increase in amount of information (IoT, autonomous driving, etc.)
  • Strengthening the infrastructure base
  • Recreating a resilient infrastructure
  • Supplementing the labor shortage; enhanced productivity
  • Ensuring storage capacity
  • Realization of high-speed, high-capacity transmission
SDGs 私たちを取り巻く社会課題 理想とする社会
  • Increasing natural disasters accompanying climate change
  • Hypoactivity of local regions accompanying urban population concentration
  • Privacy and leakage of personal information
  • Traffic accidents
  • Minimizing damage
  • Provision of basic life services without regional favoritism
  • Ensuring security
  • Realizing “zero traffic accidents”
SDGs 私たちを取り巻く社会課題 理想とする社会
  • Environmental pollution from abandoned electronics
  • Exhaustion of resources
  • Monozukuri (manufacturing excellence) without hazardous materials
  • Curtailed usage of scarce resources
  • Resource recycling
  • A recycle-oriented society
  • A sharing economy
SDGs 私たちを取り巻く社会課題 理想とする社会
  • Climate change from increased fossil fuel usage
  • Transitioning to renewable energy (Gasoline-powered cars  EV)
  • Use of highly efficient renewable energy
  • Improved energy usage

Envisioning a Happy Future Society Enabled by TDK’s Distinctive Technology and Products
~Make It Attractive~

TDK continues to pursue new potential and challenges in hopes that the application of its unique technology and products will help create a happy future society. This enables realization of Social Value (Aiming for a sustainable society and enterprise), part of TDK’s “Value Creation 2020” Medium-Term Plan and is a shared initiative of the TDK Group companies.
Here we introduce TDK’s distinctive technology and products leveraged in seven markets to provide solutions to social issues. Please enjoy this short movie produced by TDK which presents its vision for a happy future society as well as the sincere intent of TDK developers.

Concept Movie

Attractive IoT

The world’s smallest 7-axis sensor, which combines a 6-axis sensor with a pressure sensor, embodies reliable sensing technologies that are not adversely affected even under harsh environmental conditions. These sensors are used in drones that carry out social missions such as transporting medical supplies in conflict regions, stable flight and accurate position information to support these drones performing critical tasks in diverse terrain around the world.

Attractive Mobility

A motion sensor with seven sensors that is just 3 mm square―the industry’s smallest. In addition to providing data on acceleration and direction to guide vehicles to their destinations, they can also safely guide vehicles to the side of the road in the event of an emergency. They support autonomous driving technologies and hold substantial potential for the creation of a safe society with no traffic congestion or traffic accidents.

Attractive Wellness

We created a compact biomagnetic sensor by integrating MR element process technologies acquired from magnetic heads with magnetic circuit design technologies. This makes it possible to perform biomagnetic field measurements without the insertion of a device into the body, something that was not possible in the past. These sensors will be used in devices that are more compact and lower cost than earlier products to perform diagnoses that are stress-free for patients.

Attractive Connections

The drama of athletic competition will soon become more exciting than ever. With 5G, viewers will be able to watch multiple broadcasts simultaneously and instantly express their impressions around the world. RF (radio frequency) components with enhanced filtering functions and maximized total performance will simplify handling by customers. We are developing products for all 5G applications such as infrastructure, autonomous driving, and tele-medicine.

Attractive Energy

Capacitors used in lightweight, compact, and high-reliability power electronics facilitate high-efficiency generation and transmission of renewable energy and improve people’s quality of life. Looking to the future, we are designing low-inductance capacitors suitable for high-switching frequencies and will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through clean energy.

Attractive Robotics

The MEMS microphone, which has a tiny membrane that can detect sound, was developed by applying silicone MEMS technology. A robot equipped with the microphone can detect sounds and speakers at long distances, and when multiple microphones are used, a robot can identify where a sound or voice is coming from. Such applications will help hearing-impaired individuals and make it easier to call for help by persons who are unable to act during an emergency.

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Attractive Experience

VR and AR applications have enriched experiences in education and brought about significant progress and quality enhancement in learning by children. TDK’s ultrasonic sensors can detect a device’s orientation, rotation, position, and other information with high precision and determine accurately the movement of a hand in a virtual space. In addition, VR systems that use these sensors are low cost, making it possible for more people to have interactive experiences.